Crispy Green Crispy Fruit is Here!

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I bring you…Crispy Fruit! Healthy, natural fruit at your fingertips…even Oprah has said it’s “a great alternative to fresh fruit.” Real fruit slices, with natural fiber and nutrients, low in calories, and crispy! Yeah, it’s different. Think of dried bananas…and know that it’s nothing like that. Crispy Fruit is actually Continue Reading

“Back to the Start” by Chipotle Mexican Grill

Earlier this week Chipotle Mexican Grill launched their newest piece of their ongoing Food With Integrity campaign, a stop-motion short featuring Willie Nelson covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist” entitled “Back to the Start“. The video focuses on the rise of industrialized farming and Chipotle’s quest to push their supply lines to Continue Reading

Seafood Feast at The Boiling Crab

I was first introduced to seafood lovers’ heaven, The Boiling Crab in Garden Grove, Calif. a year ago. Upon returning to Dallas, I was ecstatic to find out there’s also one The Boiling Crab in Garland, Dallas which offers Louisiana crawfish, shrimp, lobster, king crab legs, snow crab legs, blue crab, Continue Reading