Earlier this week Chipotle Mexican Grill launched their newest piece of their ongoing Food With Integrity campaign, a stop-motion short featuring Willie Nelson covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist” entitled “Back to the Start“. The video focuses on the rise of industrialized farming and Chipotle’s quest to push their supply lines to return to the tranquil times of authentic, natural, family farming. Though it is visually and audibily amazing, some could argue that it is unauthentic and question a restaurant chain’s intentions and truths. The Considered Cook has done just that, and I am curious what you all think. Do you believe that a massive chain can do the right thing? Is Chipotle more Whole Foods or more McDonald’s, their former parent company? Is this video a clever marketing ploy like slapping “natural” or “local” on a chain cheeseburger? Or do you know or believe that Chipotle is changing the world of fast food?

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One thought on ““Back to the Start” by Chipotle Mexican Grill”

  1. After McDonald’s sold Chipotle, they have clearly separated themselves from other fast food restaurants. Do I completely buy that my ginormous burrito is more healthy for me with absolutely NO hormones, added preservatives, etc. No! But, you can call me a skeptic. I do believe they are doing more than other chains on providing food with natural ingredients, but more has to be done.

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