Being raised in Kansas City for the majority of my own life give me great appreciation for the best
barbecue on the planet! (in my own opinion of course)

Serving delicious, award winning BBQ is what Kansas City does best and I was more than happy to sink
my teeth into a local favorite from my hometown, 18th and Vine BBQ.

For those that don’t know, 18th and Vine is a special place in the heart of every Kansas Citian. It is the
African American cultural Jazz District of the City. So it’s only natural that good times be followed up
with great food and 18th and Vine BBQ delivers that familiar KC flavor to Dallas with ease.

My adventure began with three great appetizers and an awesome drink. The pork rinds were seasoned
nicely with a great crunch, the fried okra was delightful and I spent most of my time figuring out the
components of the accompanying sauce so I could make it on my own. The burnt ends here are life
changing…..every person that I know that has visited 18th and Vine will tell you the same thing so don’t
start your meal without them. The drink you see is the Mexicutioner-a blend of Cimmaron Tequila, Vida
Mescal, Jalapeno Oleo Saccharin and Pineapple-definitely a house favorite.

Next up was the Roasted Salmon with German Potato Salad, and a tasty mustard vinaigrette. Now….I
know what you’re thinking: “This is a BBQ place, where’s the BBQ??” I assure you it’s coming but hats off
to 18th and Vine for surprisingly diverse menu options.

The salmon was good but believe me, I’m definitely here for the BBQ.

The meats are juicy, full of good smoky flavor and reminds me of everything I miss at home.

As for dessert, my eyes (and what was left of the space in my belly) decided on the Cherry Cobbler, with
a hefty scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. A satisfyingly sweet way to end my dining experience.

18th and Vine BBQ is located at 4100 Maple Avenue in Dallas in the Oak Lawn Neighborhood. If you’re craving good BBQ, then you’ll definitely wanna come visit. I’ll be back for my “taste of home” fix real soon!

(*Disclaimer: My meal was complimentary and all opinions are my own*)

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