This is a community project of a few (20+ now!) Dallas based nerds who happen to like food. probably a little too much. We have been a part of the Dallas Food Community for the past 8+ years! Do you heart food? Do you take pictures of everything before you eat it? Do you use foursquare, foodspotting, yelp, instagram, pinterest and twitter to share about food? Do you live or travel to the Dallas area? Join us.

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How we got started: For the Love of Food

Strawberry Souffle @ Rise

Like most good stories, Dallas Food Nerd started around a table of wonderful food. On Valentine’s weekend (2011) two social mediaites (Elysa & Rory) were invited to go on a food tour of 5 Fabulous Dallas restaurants. We spent the day, thanks to Chevy, with several wonderful food bloggers indulging in chocolate and souffles. Before the Chevy Sweethunt adventure, we both already had blogs, Twitter, Facebook and many other social media credentials on our virtual resumes, but we felt like a food blog was definitely in order. Long story short, in our sugar coma filled afternoon we bought this domain, emailed a bunch of our foodie friends and DFN was born.

Today as a community we are reviewing restaurants, trying kitchen gadgets and drooling over food photos.

If you have a food related product or event you’d like us to check out feel free to get in touch! Also be sure to connect with us on Facebook: Dallas Food Nerd.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Dallas Food Nerd,

    I’d love to help and become a part of this awesome project. I have been a huge foodie my entire life, and I’m currently a film and media arts student at SMU. I love food expeditions and love to share with good deals with others MORE! I look forward to hearing back from you.


  2. Does any one know what the Dallas/North Dallas options are for all natural, hormone-free restaurants? Chipotle and Whole Foods are a nice start. I would like to have a few more options. Many thanks!

  3. Hi,

    I recently read an article on a friend’s blog about an exciting new food that will be featured at this year’s State Fair. I just wanted to suggest it to yall as a possible blog topic (: The new “it” food at the State Fair this year is going to be a new vendor that is selling fried chicken skin!! They are also selling fried cake balls and fried loaded mash potatoe balls. I looked them up and actually found their facebook page!/pages/Eat-Crispies/191533957523472. Thought I’d share!

    Love your blog!


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