Do you think you are a big eater? Show Bistro B what you got!

If you fail, you lose $20.

If you succeed, you win a $200 gift card.


Sunday – Thursday 8 AM – 12 Midnight
Friday – Saturday 8 AM – 2 AM



9780 Walnut St
Dallas, TX 75346
(214) 575-9885
[images from Yelp and Bistro B]

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9 thoughts on “Pho Challenge at Bistro B”

    1. You are so welcome! or you can turn it into a pho party by inviting your friends to kill the bowl with you together and forget the contest. : )

  1. I looked at the photo on the actual Bistro B website and thought I would definitely be able to take it out…but after seeing the yelp picture, all of my hopes were dashed. I would definitely have to bring a friend and just hope that they let us share the $200!

  2. I don’t see what was so hard about the Challenge, I ate it in about 25 minutes. And I still ate more, piece of pho cake!

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