I’m finding any true taco fan in Dallas already knows about the famous Fuel City Tacos at the Fina gas station where the I-30 and I35 freeways meet. They make some pretty good tacos for when you want to eat and get gas, but I doubt many know about their other menu item – The Super Burrito.

Let’s talk taco first.

The Pastor (pork) taco is filled with flavor. It has a great reddish color that showcases its tasty marinated, spit-grilled essence.  Pastor is a style of slow-roast grilling that is very similar to shawarma, a Lebanese style of upright grilling of meat that was brought to Mexico. Shawarma is lamb; Pastor is pork.  It’s a wonderful way to prepare pork and makes for a great taco when the meat is properly marinated, cooked and trimmed of fat.

I went with Fuel City’s Pastor taco wrapped in a corn tortilla, some diced onions, chopped cilantro, a squeeze of fresh lime, and dipped in their red and green salsas.  The red salsa is my favorite choice here, because it has a rich, spicy flavor that still lets the rest of the taco’s ingredients come through.

Unfortunately, Fuel City doesn’t have the best corn tortillas so the taco is still not my favorite from a Dallas gas station, still the Pastor taco is worth a visit.

If you’re wondering why I chose the pastor taco, their beef taco lacks a richness of flavor found at other gas station locations around Dallas. The Picadillo taco with ground beef, potatoes, and green salsa is a decent choice too but the pastor still has the best flavor for me when it comes to the choices from Fuel City.

Super size me.

The Super Burrito definitely gets its name from the sheer size of the thing. It’s packed with refried beans, lettuce, sour cream, onions, tomatoes and meat. I went with the fajita chicken since it was highly recommended by a coworker.

The meat was tender and had a wonderful, almost rotisserie flavor to it.  The diced lettuce, onions, and tomatoes made for a great tasting burrito without any of the ingredients overpowering the rest.  I’ve had some burritos where it’s all meat or all beans or worse all lettuce.  Here Fuel City gets it right with a good proportional mix of all ingredients to make for a wonderful burrito, and one that is surprisingly great from a gas station.

And the winner is…

I’m going to go burrito and honestly I’m surprised by my decision. I entered this challenge sure I’d pick the taco.

As much as I like the Pastor taco at Fuel City, the burrito gets more right than the taco does.  Plus there are better gas station taco choices in Dallas. That aside, the burrito is great and deserves to come out of the shadows of this taco stand.  The perfectly balanced ingredients with the pulled fajita chicken meat make a great lunch or dinner choice and one that beats the tacos offered at Fuel City.

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