Update: Ketchup Burger Bar is permanently closed. Details on The Observer.

Over the weekend my husband and I decided to walk a few blocks down McKinney Avenue in Uptown to try Ketchup Burger Bar that opened back in January.

Located in the old Pastazio’s location at Hall Street and Cole, the duo behind Medina Oven & Bar and Farnatchi Gourmet Oven came together to reinvent the typical hamburger eatery into a lighter, healthier option. Think lamb, ahi tuna and mushroom-pecan veggie burgers on baked-daily challah and brioche bread. Of course they still have classic beef burgers, and even hot dogs, but you can’t pass up Ketchup’s spin on French fries, shakes and even its namesake condiment.

Its four house-made, organic ketchups (house, spiced, chipotle and green tomato) are afun way to smother any of the French fry options like spicy buffalo, garlic and chive, zucchini and white truffle parmesan. Note: one basket is enough for two to share.

As for our recent meal, I chose the mushroom-pecan veggie burger that comes with brick cheese, caramelized onions and tahini lemon spread on challah bread. My husband chose the Ketchup Burger with Tillamook Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mustard and house ketchup on brioche. He ordered a side of the spicy buffalo fries while I stuck with my go-to sweet potato fries.

Both the burgers were quite large and a little messy – which is fun when you’re eating with your hands. They make the veggie burgers in house (like everything else) and it was such a refreshing take on the veggie burger. You can only have so many bean burgers before your palate is crying out for something more exciting. The patty did fall apart a bit but had a lot of flavor with the added caramelized onions and tahini spread. The sweet potato fries weren’t anything out of the ordinary but still delicious with the house ketchup, which had a sweet tangy flavor that made this Heinz devotee more open-minded. According to my husband, the Ketchup Burger was full of flavor and very filling. The buffalo fries were thin but incredibly delicious and spicy.

Source: UrbanDaddy.com

The vibe at Ketchup is very low key (they were playing 90’s music like Third Eye Blind, Sister Hazel and Less Than Jake which made me happy and nostalgic), and would be a great place to hang out with friends the day after a night on the town. They have a full bar for their happy hour Monday through Friday from 4-7 p.m., complimentary valet parking at lunchtime and, best of all, a new way to curb your burger craving.

3028 N Hall Street
Suite 179
Dallas, TX 75204

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6 thoughts on “A Burger to Boast About”

  1. I’d like to reiterate how delicious the buffalo fries were. My mouth was tingling the whole afternoon—Great article!!

  2. @RealPostMom It’s definitely worth a try and has something for the hungry carnivore to the grazing herbivore! 🙂

    @Ben Thanks honey 🙂

  3. I am a huge burger person, so my husband and I stopped by this little place with our 18 month old around 5:30 on a Monday night a while back in May. It was a really pretty evening and we were looking forward to a casual dinner outside at one of their tables on the sidewalk. I was just bummed because apparently they do not have any high chairs, so we could not stay and enjoy the food. Just an FYI to any moms out there with infants or young toddlers as it was a first for me and we go out all the time. Hopefully they will invest in some soon!

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