I recently did a review on In-N-Out Burger coming to Texas and how I enjoyed it being as excellent as when I go back home to California to get a double-double. I received a couple comments I heard from people on Twitter and Facebook I’d like to address now.

Whenever someone talks about the greatness of In-N-Out Burger there is the typical response from the naysayers claiming it is okay and not that great. When you dig a bit deeper into their reasoning, the critics often sight better burgers they’ve had from restaurants or local burger joints. Well duh. So have I. In-N-Out Burger does not make the best hamburgers in America. They make the best fast-food hamburgers in America.

So where is the best hamburger? Having recently left Detroit where there are some great burger places like my favorite Miller’s Bar in Dearborn, Michigan, I was going to showcase what makes their burgers so amazing, but I wanted to share another option – something closer to Dallas. Also, the place I’m going to showcase isn’t well-known as some of the other great burger choices in Dallas covered by other Dallas Food Nerd bloggers like Chip’s or Ketchup Burger Bar or Twisted Root.

No my favorite “Dallas” burger and possibly the best burger I’ve ever had in the U.S. is in Grandview, Texas about 45 minutes southwest of Dallas at a ranch where our family buys all of its meats. Burgundy Pasture Beef Ranch is an amazing place with a great selection of individually fresh and frozen cuts of meats all provided for by their grass-fed ranch. We make a trip about every 6-weeks to stock up on meat for all of our at home cooking.

The ranch delivers to the Park Cities and other areas in Dallas, but I prefer the drive on a weekend so we can sit down and order the best hamburger ever.

The Best Burger I’ve Ever Had. Sorry In-N-Out.

Why is it so great? Of course, the beef patties are really fresh and full of flavor, plus they are Angus cows raised on a lifetime of open field grass grazing, but the meat is just part of the equation. They also come on a locally made whole wheat bun that is full of flavor and tastes like it just came out of the baker’s oven that morning. Add some raw onions, thinly sliced pickles, a thick slice of cheddar cheese, lettuce, local-grown tomato, mayo, ketchup and mustard and you have possibly the freshest most flavorful burger you’ll ever eat.

They also have a cooler of drinks and some bags of Kettle Chips to go along with your meal and if you don’t like burgers you can try the best frankfurter (just don’t call them hot-dogs) that you’ll ever eat too.

Don’t ever call them hot-dogs, grilling frankfurters at home

After finishing a burger, make sure you fill your cooler with some filet mignon, ground beef, skirt steaks, rib-eye, NY strip, and even some chicken, pork or lamb.

Sorry In-N-Out Burger. I love you for what you are, but you’re nowhere near the best burger I’ve ever had, that crown goes to a little ranch in Texas.

My wife and son stare at the cattle on a tour of Burgundy Pasture Beef’s Ranch last April

Place: Burgundy Pasture Beef

Website: http://www.burgundypasturebeef.com/

Address: 800 McDuff Ave. Grandview, TX

Burgers Served: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at 11:00am ending around 3pm

Local Restaurants or Grocers Featuring their Meats: The Meddlesome Moth, The Green Spot, Celebration Restaurant, Urban Acres to name a few. More here.

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  1. Clearly you haven’t been to Liberty Burger yet! They use local products too; bread, beef, bison, vegetables etc.

    (That burger does look like heaven, I may need to try Burgundy Pasture Beef Ranch)

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