The opening day frenzy has somewhat settled at the Texas In-N-Out Burger locations. It’s no longer a hour plus wait, more like 20 minutes when I visited the Frisco and Allen locations the past couple weeks. Fortunately, this is about the same amount of time one waits when only 4 cars are in line at Whataburger, so 20 minutes isn’t that bad of a wait in Texas for a burger and fries.

The Drive-Thru Line in Allen

As a Texas transplant, I do not have the childhood memories of Whataburger or Chick-fil-A (yes I had to Google Chick-fil-A’s name to see if I spelled it right.) I am however a native Californian, born in Los Angeles and graduated high school from South Pasadena, the city that hosts the Rose Bowl every year. So, I’m no stranger to In-N-Out Burger and have always made at least one stop back when I visit California or Nevada. Fortunately, for my own sanity I was on business travel in Atlanta the week In-N-Out opened in Texas or I might have been in some crazy line questioning my sanity.

So how is the Texas In-N-Out? I have been to probably 20 plus locations on the West Coast and I couldn’t tell any difference here in Dallas and that is great news. My first stop in Allen consisted of a Double-Double “Animal Style” with fries and a water. Last weekend, I stopped by the Frisco location for another Double-Double, this time sans Animal Style, with fries and an unsweetened iced tea.

Double-Double “Animal Style”

The big question I get from friends who know and love In-N-Out is around the secret menu. “Animal Style” is so well known that it really isn’t all that secret. Yes, the Dallas locations know the menu and yes you can order a Neapolitan shake or a “wish burger” (I wish there was meat in it – burger with no meat.) More super-secret options are on this blog and I’ll have to try a few to see how well the secret menu items are known in Dallas.

If you are an In-N-Out Burger fan you will not be disappointed. The locations here make me feel like I never left Los Angeles, well almost, the humidity and blistering heat that is just starting makes me wish I could drive down to Huntington Beach and jump in the ocean.

700 Stacy Road, Allen
2800 Preston Road, Frisco

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  1. Great post & so true! Taste just like the ones in Cali, but I prefer the cool sand on my feet over the blistering concrete 😉

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