It’s likely that if you hear the word “brunch,” you instantly think of American food. And I don’t blame you, a probable 92%* (*not a real statistic) of Dallas brunch options is some version of American cuisine. But it’s time for Dallas to switch that up, and Niwa Japanese BBQ is here to diversify your weekend rotation.

With brunch being such a social meal, it makes sense to do yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). Niwa offers brunch for 2 and brunch for 4, the latter being an even more awesome deal. And trust me, you’ll get full with what the brunch entails!

They start you off with some perfectly seasoned edamame and delicious miso soup.

You also get some kitchen-prepared items like kimchi and bean sprouts (and the Niwa Salad– which i was OBSESSED with– if you do the brunch for 4).

Another kitchen-prepared item: Medamayaki, which is sunny side up eggs with kimchi sofrito and herbs. This is also included in the brunch for 4.

The Tonkatsu (included in brunch for 2) was SO. GOOD! The breading was seasoned so well that I didn’t even feel like I needed the sauce.

Last but not the least, the beef belly and the outside skirt! The marinade/seasonings on all their meats made them so flavorful. I barely needed the trio of sauces that they had provided. The char from the tabletop grill added that nice touch to them. It was also fun getting to cook your own food! Definitely a social experience that fits the Dallas brunch scene.

They also have a full bar, a huge range of beer, sake, and liquors, and they even have a mimosa that have yuzu that would be perfect to pair with this brunch! So next time you’re thinking of a unique place to go brunching in Dallas, check out Niwa Japanese BBQ (2939 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75226)

Disclosure: While I was provided a meal at Niwa Japanese BBQ, all opinions are my own.