I was first introduced to seafood lovers’ heaven, The Boiling Crab in Garden Grove, Calif. a year ago. Upon returning to Dallas, I was ecstatic to find out there’s also one The Boiling Crab in Garland, Dallas which offers Louisiana crawfish, shrimp, lobster, king crab legs, snow crab legs, blue crab,  and dungeness crab in Cajun/Creole style and raw oyster. You pick your seasoning from Rajun Canjun(original) and Lemon Pepper to Garlic Butter and The Whole Sha-Bang (all of the above). You then decide how spicy you wana go from Non Spicy (plain n’ simple) and Mild (just a kick) to Med (it;s geetin’ HOT n’ here) and XXX (I can’t feel my mouth). Ain’t that fun and flexible? Needless to say, my choice of seasoning has always been The Whole Sha-Bang. That’s right!

Entrance to the Seafood Heaven

I highly recommend raspberry tea to go along with the meal as it will clean your palate and ease down the rich and flavorful seasoning in which your seafood is drenched. Also, you will find yourself not so thirsty or overwhelmed in the end.

Raw Oysters

I always start with half a dozen raw oysters to satisfy my hardcore seafood passion. When they are fresh like that, with a bit lime juice, it’s so delicious.

Jumbo Shrimp in The Whole Sha-Bang @ 8.99/lb

Your order comes in a plastic bag filled with juicy seasoning. Their shrimp are fatter in person than in picture. I usually get a pound and it’s a good amount, considering there are other seafood to try.

Louisiana Crawfish

Their corn on the cob is a must order. I am not a big fan of crawfish simply because the investment of time and efforts to peel off the shells underweighs the total profit of crawfish meat. In another words, too much hassle!

King Crab Legs

Oolala! I like to have my king crab legs done WITHOUT any seasoning so I can better taste the fresh and natural sweetness they have to offer. Claws and legs are my favorite parts of a crab because of its better texture. Food orgy!

Dungeness Crab in The Whole Sha-Bang

Jumbo dungeness crab is so fresh and the meat is very tender and juicy! Crab roe, claws, and legs are my favorite part of this crab. Don’t forget to try their cajun sweet potato fries!


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[images from yelp.com]

10560 Walnut St
Dallas, TX 75243

(972) 272-7086