Lake House Bar & Grill in Dallas / White Rock - Dallas Food Nerd review

I posted this on Facebook and I thought I might as well warn you before you start reading this post, “apologies in advanced to everyone who is ‘dieting’, our next blog post is filled with pure awesome calories.” If you do happen to be on a no-carb, low-cal or some other restricted eating diet, good news, we’ve planned your next cheat meal!

If you don’t know the history of Dallas Food Nerd you may not know that it was the brain child of a nerdy couple (Elysa & Rory), started in February of 2011. When we decided to start DFN, we knew that we wanted a varying perspective on all of the food that Dallas (and surrounding areas) had to offer. Since our launch we’ve had over 30 contributors! In those almost 3 years Rory and I have visited many fabulous restaurants and bars of all shapes and sizes. Usually when we deem a place blog-worthy, one or the other of us will write the story.

A few weeks ago we were invited to try out Lake House in the White Rock area. Spoiler alert: we both enjoyed it so much we decided to write a joint post. A his & hers perspective, if you will. So, let’s get to it!

Lake House Bar & Grill in Dallas / White Rock - Dallas Food Nerd review

Her: I remember the traffic on Northwest Hwy as I was trying to find this new to us place. It had been a long day and I was so looking forward to a relaxing evening. The bright lights on the front the Lake House caught my attention pretty quickly. When I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by the ambiance. I was expecting a typical bar, but this place is so much “cooler” than that. Photos don’t really do it justice, you need to experience it yourself to really get the whole vibe.

Lake House Bar & Grill in White Rock area of Dallas

Let’s Talk Beer

Lake House Beers: Temptress and Blood & Honey

Her – Beer (pictured on the right): Lake House is known for supporting several local breweries so naturally we started with beer. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I partially picked mine because of the name: Blood & Honey. Mine came from Revolver Brewing in Granbury, TX. It has a similar flavor profile to Blue Moon but a little bit sweeter. I’ll definitely order it again.

His – Beer (pictured on the left): After looking through the menu, I knew I needed a special beer to contend what was coming. Thankfully, Lake House has an awesome local selection, and the first option that jumped out at me was the Lakewood Brewing Company’s Temptress. This chocolaty, silky Imperial Milk Stout has such a unique flavor profile that it will stand on it’s own without getting drowned out by the epic meal you’re about to order.

Hello, Starters

Lake House Jambalaya

Her – Jambalaya: Some people are habitual menu orderers, meaning every time they visit a restaurant they get the same item. I am not one of those people. So, I love the fact that Lake House has new items frequently. I had the opportunity to try their weekly special which was a spicy Jambalaya. The good news and the bad news is I LOVED it. I could have completed my evening here with just the beer and the jambalaya and been quite the happy camper. I say “bad news” because this item isn’t always available. Kyle, who was waiting on us that evening, did reassure me that it’s a pretty frequent item on their rotating menu.

Lake House White Rock Chili

His – Chili: It wasn’t printed on the menu when we dropped by, but Lake House’s chili is one of those “specials” that can be found almost any time if you ask for it. And people definitely ask for it, with good reason. This stuff is what cold days were made for, and paired with their sweet and spicy jalapeno cornbread, you’ve got a classic combo that you can’t go wrong with.

Now for the Epic Entrees

The Lake House Burger

His – The Lake House Burger: To nail the classic burger is a task that sounds so simple, yet so many fail to achieve. You’ll not find that issue here, and it all hinges on high end ingredients, half a pound of truly prime ground beef, fresh veggies, a generous slice of cheese, and what can make or break a burger (in my humble opinion) a hearty brioche bun. None of that soft soggy white bread stuff, brioche makes a great foundation. You get your pick of sides. I chose sweet potato fries, which are crispy, sweet, and delicious.

Lake House: Crab Cake Burger with Macaroni & Cheese

Her – Crab Cake Burger with Macaroni & Cheese: I didn’t know much about Lake House when I received the email invitation but as per usual I turned to Foursquare to see what my fellow food nerd friends had to say. There were numerous tips about the beer on tap but I was most excited about the Mac & Cheese. If there were qualification to call yourself a “foodie”, I’m not sure I’d be allowed to say that macaroni and cheese is my all time favorite food. But since I don’t really identify as a foodie anyway (I generally call myself a “carbotarian”) I can tell the truth and say if I had to pick between awesome beer or awesome mac and cheese chances are I’d pick the cheesy pasta goodness. And let’s just say their’s did not disappoint. No, that’s an understatement. I posted on instagram that Lake House’s macaroni and cheese was “quite arguably the best m&c I’ve had.” Since i knew I was ordering the mac and cheese I wanted an entree that would compliment the flavor. After narrowing down my choices I asked for Kyle’s vote and ended up with a Crab Cake Burger. Which was… excellent. Some crab cakes, even in high-end restaurants, taste like cornbread with a small amount of crab in it. This burger was the complete opposite, the crab ratio was amazing which also made it so filling.

But… also the Dessert!

Lake House Dallas: Bread Pudding

Her – dessert: If I had known how amazing our impending dessert was, I think I may have left a few bites of the crab cake to leave room in my stomach. But oh man, I forgot how full I was as soon as I took my first bite of their Bread Pudding. There are no words to do it justice. Go there and order it, seriously. If you have a meal at Lake House and don’t also have the Bread Pudding I don’t think we can be friends any more.

His – Dessert: Ok . . . just let that settle for a second. You can still power through for dessert right? I mean, you really really should. Whether you love bread pudding or hate bread pudding, you need to toss out any pre-conceived notions right this instant. This bread pudding is different. It’s got that extra panache that will make you regret not finishing it, so go for it. Dried cranberries, almonds, and rum sauce with vanilla ice cream come together to take this age old staple dessert to the next level, and I’ll definitely be coming back for it again.

Her: I’d say that my closing remarks on Instagram as we got in the car pretty much summed up the whole experience: “If beer counts as a course I just had the most amazing 4-course meal!” I know we will certainly be back! For those of you who have been, what’s your favorite item on their menu?


Lake House Bar & Grill is located at 7510 E Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas 75214. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter @TheLakeHouseWR. Be sure to tag us on Instagram, Twitter or your Foursquare check-ins when you visit them!

Disclaimer: We were invited to try the food at Lake House by their very friendly owner, John Schmitz. As part of this invitation our food was comp’d. We covered all of our drink purchases. As always, all reviews are our own honest opinions regardless of compensation, whether monetary, through goods/services, or any other form. We’re so glad John reached out to us so we could share this awesome spot with you.

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