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What’s not to love about Tre Wilcox?

He’s hot.

He loves his mama’s fried chicken.

And the cherry on top?  He has the most memorable and contagious laugh ever (I giggle just thinking about it.)

And, oh yea, he’s an amazing chef with some mean knife skills.

So this week when Portico unveiled the exclusive luxury resort program to Dallas with a culinary tour of its portfolio at Marquee Grill, I got my passport and my taste buds ready for the evening around the world with Mr. Wilcox as our guide.

The evening’s menu featured several small bites perfectly paired to take one  away to that dream vacation on the beach or along the mountainside with flavor including:

Virgin Gorda – Shrimp Squid Ceviche

Campo Dell’Amato – Bluff Truffle Arancini

Beaver Creek, Colorado – Colorado Lamb Sliders

Thailand – Crispy Duck Spring Rolls

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Spicy Tuna Tartar

I was grateful that our gracious hosts had provided us with a few recipes to share since it would have been unladylike to stow away any of the arancini or duck rolls in my purse. However, since I was married in Puerto Vallarta, I couldn’t wait to attempt to create my vacation experience at home by recreating the Spicy Tuna Tartar.

But let’s be real.  Based on past cooking experience, I won’t be making the tartar. I’ll be heading to see Tre to get the good version. (Besides, I just don’t want to make a mistake with tartar.)

In the meantime, you can try to your hand at the PVR recipe courtesy of Portico and Tre Wilcox.

Recipe: Spicy Tuna Tartar with Jalapeno Avocado Sauce, Scallions and Cilantro

4 cups bigeye tuna, cubed
3 tablespoons scallions
1 tablespoon cilantro leaves
1 pinch kosher salt
METHOD: Combine ingredients and set aside.

¼ cup mirin
¼ cup seasoned rice wine vinaigrette
2 tablespoons of lime juice
1 tablespoon sambal (a chili paste blend, so make your own or substitute sriracha.)
1 cup canola oil
METHOD: Mix together and set aside.

Avocado Sauce
2 avocados
2 jalapenos
1 bunch cilantro
2 tablespoons lime juice
1/3 cup water
1 teaspoon kosher salt
METHOD: Combine all ingredients into blender and mix until smooth. Place into squirt bottle and keep cold.

Plate Up
Right before plating, add pre-made dressing and season with salt. Squirt avocado sauce around plate and serve.

Want the recipe for Puerto Vallarta? Then make sure you take a look at Portico Club for the utmost in luxury vacations.


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