This month the ultimate food event comes to North Texas — MetroCooking Dallas! On September 22 & 23, the Dallas Convention Center will become the epicenter for all things food. For a foodie like me this is like Christmas and who better to host this one-of-a-kind event than Food Network’s Grill Master Bobby Flay and the Queen of Southern Cuisine Paula Deen! But that’s just the beginning…this team of food celebs will be joined by hundreds of specialty food vendors and some of Dallas best chefs including Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek’s Bruno Davillion, Komali’s Abraham Salum, Chamberlain’s Restaurants Richard Chamberlain, Unforsacon Bacon’s Adam West, and Marquee Grill’s Tre Wilcox.

But with all this culinary star-power in one place (and my mouth already beginning to salivate), I wanted to get to the real meat (pun intended) of what makes their mouth water. Is it the fancy foams that get their taste buds fired up? When the lights go out and everyone goes home, do they sit down and grill up their featured dish of the day? Or are these guys like the Deen boys and all they are looking for is a little home-cooking from mama?

So when I got the chance to talk to three of the featured chefs, I couldn’t help but ask, “What’s Your Favorite Meal to Make?”

Richard Chamberlain, Chef Proprietor of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House, Chamberlain’s Fish Market and Grill and The Lounge at Chamberlain’s.


What’s your favorite meal that mom made for you?

My mom worked in a department store when I was young and had little time to cook for our family of 6. But when she had time, she could throw down the best chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and cream gravy in the world.

What’s your favorite thing you make that makes your heart sing?

From time to time over the years, I have our chefs set aside steak trimmings from dry aged ribeye and NY strip to make burgers for family and friends. I close my eyes when eating the burger and can taste that incredible aged meat taste that is like no other.

Once you have had it, there is no other burger that can compare. Pick out the biggest cabernet in your cellar and enjoy.

(Editor’s Note: Apparently, Chamberlain liked it so much he added it to the steakhouse cigar lounge menu two weeks ago.)

Chef Adam West, Former Hotel Zaza Houston chef and now Dallas-based food trucker, “Unforsacon Bacon” (to be driving around DFW very soon!)


What’s your favorite meal that mom made for you?

Jalapeno Corn Bread

What’s your favorite thing you make that makes your heart sing?

Biscuits and sausage gravy with hash browns and scrambled eggs. It’s simply amazing!


Chef Tre Wilcox, Executive Chef of Marquee Grill and former contestant on Bravo’s “Top Chef”


What’s your favorite meal that mom made for you?

Fried Chicken

What’s your favorite thing you make that makes your heart sing?

I enjoy cooking barramundi, especially the barramundi dish at my place, Marquee Grill. It’s the cooking of the fish is awesome to me because, it’s such a tasty fish, with no mercury taste and the moisture level of the fish is so great, overcooking it is just a crying shame….

(Editor’s Note: Barramundi is a superfood, so it’s super good to eat and healthy for you, too.)

If you didn’t love these Dallas chefs already, I’m sure hearing fried chicken, biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak as favorites reiterates why these boys are some of Dallas’ most beloved. While you can always check them out in their restaurants, make sure you also plan to come see them, along with Paula and Bobby, at MetroCooking Dallas.

MetroCooking Dallas
September 22 & 23
Dallas Convention Center
Ticket prices vary

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