Tootie Fruiti Smoothie the finished product

I want to share with you two new food loves. In the past few months I’ve become a fan of the vegetarian blog {custom made} life, of course it’s more than just food, but I focus on the recipes section of Emily Levenson’s blog.

The other love that has turned into a bit of an obsession is the recent purchase of a VitaMix blender. I had zero desire to get one of these things, since we had a perfectly fine blender, but my wife wanted one and the more I kept reading about it the more interested I became. After just a month of owning one, I’m obsessed and my kitchen life has turned into part Jamba Juice.

Ready for blended wonders

So when these two recent foodie obsessions collided I knew I the result would be worth sharing.

Emily’s blog had a recipe for a Tootie Fruiti Smoothie I knew I had to try. It combines quite a few fruits – orange, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and a frozen banana. There is also the option of adding a splash of almond milk (or water I’m sure will work too) depending how juicy your orange is.

Organic fruit including blueberries from the Coppell Farmer's Market

The full recipe is here: Tootie Fruiti Smoothie.

No surprise our twin boys loved it too.

Refueling two very active boys