I waited for a second visit to be certain of my love for this place, though Yelp reviews would indicate I am not a lone fan.

LA Burger is in a strip center in Valley Ranch. The location, nor the interior, is much to speak of. The concept and delivery are great though. Burgers with certified Angus beef, combined with items pulled from L.A.’s Korean food trucks, all mixed up together.

The Seoul Dog is a good hot dog to start…then it’s split and topped with Korean bulgogi, sautéed kimchi and spicy sauce. It’s even served on a good bun. A taste explosion that’s truly unique.

The Asian Tacos offered include bulgogi, dejigogi and chicken. And you can mix them up in your order. The bulgogi is great; the dejigogi (pork) has more kick but is still not overwhelmingly spicy. Both are addictive. They’re served on corn tortillas with chopped onions, cilantro and a spicy sauce, alongside fresh lime wedges you can squeeze on to light up the flavors.

The burger menu we’ve yet to fully explore is pretty deep and interesting.

Matching the not-so-fancy digs, prices are reasonable. Twice now, we’ve fed (overfed) a family of four for about $25.