It’s a small, small world. One of my old friends from Gresham High School (a suburb of Portland, Oregon) posted a link on Facebook this morning sharing that his father passed away.  Always, sad news.

What was interesting though was learning something about my friend Jean-Luc LaFont that I had never known.  His father Jean LaFont is a highly respected chef here in Dallas.

The link my friend posted about his father came from DMagazine’s SideDish blog.

Jean LaFont had a 30 year plus contribution to Dallas having worked at many fine restaurants here in Dallas and most notably the “never-to-be-forgotten Oz in 1974.”

I of course never knew Jean LaFont and never was aware of my friend’s father’s steller accomplishments. All I know is it’s a small world when a link on Facebook opens up so much wonder and amazement as learning about Jean-Luc LaFont’s father did. I spent tonight doing some feeble French cooking in my own kitchen as an honor and respect to a man I wish I had met. Reading the comments in the blog article about his passing, it is quite obvious how respected and loved Jean was.

Makes me wonder who else I know in life might too have a compelling food history in their family tree.

Rest in Peace Jean LaFont.