It’s the beginning of the year. The time when many make resolutions such as lose weight, spend more frugally, etc. There are many financial and healthy reasons to plan your meals in advance. Here’s some of mine:

Stockpile meat when it’s on sale. Buy meat that’s on sale for that week and freeze it until you need it. The best time to buy meat is on Tuesdays. Most stores get new meat on Wednesdays, so usually Tuesday morning is when they mark down the meat. That being said, Wednesdays are the best time to get the freshest and best cuts. Don’t ever buy non-marked down meat on Mondays or Tuesdays!

Fresh vs. frozen. When it comes to meat and vegetables, we always assume fresh is better. Not necessarily. Things are frozen immediately after slaughter or harvest, making them very close to fresh. Often it is much less expensive, and you will never know the difference or lose any nutritional value. I prefers frozen meat to fresh meat. Because it is frozen immediately, and fresh meat is usually days old. Frozen meats are actually much fresher.

Use fruits and vegetables that are in season. For example, when avocados go over $2 a piece; we have guacamole hiatus at our house. When they are in season and on sale, however, we might have it 2 or 3 times that week.

What are some other ways you can save on your specific grocery list?