I love this time of year.  Apple cider on the stove. Cookies in the oven. I’m already thinking about my Christmas menu.  As I was thinking about it today, I started wondering about traditions in other countries.  Did you ever think about what other people are eating while we are enjoying turkey and ham?  Here’s what I found out:In Denmark, a traditional Christmas meal is roasted goose.

In Greece, they eat leg of lamb.

In Hungary, their choice of holiday food is typically chicken paprikash, which is flavored with paprika.

Italians often eat a fish stew called, zuppa di pesce.

The Irish also eat seafood in the form of an oyster stew.

My favorite is New Zealand’s traditional Christmas picnic eaten on the beach.

In Spain, dried fruits are used in every course from soup to dessert.

We enjoy Nochebuena which is a large Spanish family feast. I think it would be fun to adopt the tradition of another country for our Christmas celebration.  What a fun way to learn about other cultures!

What do you think?

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