The other day I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the weather and didn’t realize that we were going to have a light freeze. It probably just barely hit 32, and I imagine that it didn’t stay there for long. However, it was long enough to kill almost everything in my garden! I had heirloom tomatoes, squash, jalapenos, figs, cucumbers and a lot of basil….all froze and were killed off.

I had several small green heirlooms and several small jalapenos that I was able to save, but I wasn’t sure what I should do to salvage this travesty of nature. The internet to the rescue. After sharing on facebook, a fellow foodie, Brad Murano (, suggested that I pickle them and even pointed me to a recipe featured on

Can I drop any more food blog names?!?!

Well, not wanting to lose the little bit I had salvaged…

I went to the store to buy the few things I needed for the brine.
I couldn’t find juniper berries, so I left them out, and I added both the tomatoes and jalapenos and pickled them both. I am rife with anticipation at tasting this; I have to wait at least 2 weeks for the pickling process.
It turned out looking and smelling extremely good.

I love having foodie friends that I can bounce ideas off of, and receive help when I can’t decide what to do with certain items.

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