If your hunger for food chatter is enormous, like my love for eating gas station tacos, than you might be interested in joining a weekly #FoodieChat on Twitter every Monday evening at 7pm Dallas time.

You can learn more and even ‘like’ the Foodie Chat Facebook fan page and if you have not liked Dallas Food Nerd by now do that too.

I learned about #FoodieChat several weeks ago while someone I was following posted a couple tweets.  I’ve participated a few times now and the conversation is interesting and host Steve Green does a great job feeding the conversation (pun intended.)

The chat has inspired some food buying decisions and yes you will get hungry and may even look up from Twitter for a moment to get a bite to eat while you tweet.

I can’t promise the discussion won’t include “some nut you’ve never heard of” like celebrity Chef Ted Allen shares in this video mocking us foodies; rather, I can promise a good interesting mix of people with a variety of tastes and less pretentious banter than a Park Cities wine and cheese party.