On the Border Catering

We are only 2 weeks into December and I can no longer remember how many potluck parties I’ve been to since early November. It’s almost guaranteed at these everyone-bring-what-you-want friend/family gatherings there will be at least two “types” of mashed potatoes. And one does-anyone-know-what-that-is dish.

This is our first holiday season since the launch of Dallas Food Nerd, so I was quite excited when we were approached by On The Border about partnering for a nerdy food holiday party. I don’t know many foodies who would turn down an opportunity to have FREE* noms provided for a party of our choosing. Since a few friends of ours just opened their new offices in a fun lofty space downtown we decided to make it a joint let’s eat and check out the new digs party.

The process of ordering food through On The Border Catering team was really impressive. I have never had a problem knowing what I want to eat when I visit a new restaurant, but the idea of trying to think of what our fellow nerds might like seemed like a lot of pressure. So, I called OTB Catering’s 800 number and talked with a very chipper woman who was very helpful. I told her about our group, how many we were expecting and she proceeded to provide dish recommendations.

On the Border Catering :: stuffed jalapenos, quesadillas, guac & fajitas

We ended up getting:

  • A mix of fajitas with all the fixins
  • OMGuacamole (not it’s real name, but it should be called that)
  • Stuffed Jalapenos
  • Veggie Quesadillas
  • Queso
  • Salsa and a Lifetime Supply of Chips (give or take a few)
On the Border To Go
Aside from the awesome stuffed jalapenos, my favorite part of the whole experience was that they brought the food right to us at the exact time they promised. This was by far the least stressful party I’ve ever planned. I got off work, showed up at my friend’s offices and poof 10 minutes later a delivery guy (also very helpful) showed up with food, utensils, and an army’s worth of chips. I’ve been to several On The Border’s, particularly the one a mile away from my apartment, but this was my first experience with OTBcatering and I’m impressed with how easy it was. Everyone left full and happy! Thanks OTBcatering for sponsoring our evening of eating, talking nerdy, and flying remote control helicopters around!
If you have an event coming up soon that requires feeding people, whether it be a family gathering, end of year work review, or post-soccer (is it soccer season?) game celebrations you should check out On The Border’s Catering menu. There is also currently an offer on their website for $25 giftcard when you place a catering order over $150.
*per the laws of the internets I must tell you that On The Border provided us with Free food in exchange for our honest opinions. My finding was that stuffed jalapenos are my new favorite OTB dish. And they taste just as good free as they do in the restaurant!

On the Border Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

On the Border Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon