If you are a fan of competition cooking shows like MasterChef or Top Chef – then do we have an event for you! The World Food Championships (WFC) will take place in Centennial Hall at Fair Park Friday, November 5 through Sunday, November 7. An expected crowd of 25,000 attendees are expected to attend this multi-day, ten-category cooking competition that brings 1500+ top chefs and home cooks from all over the globe to battle it out for a piece of the event’s $300,000 prize purse. Chefs will participate in ten categories for world domination: Bacon, Barbeque, Burger, Chef, Chili, Dessert, Recipe, Sandwich, Soup, and Steak. Outside of its Kitchen Arena, WFC has 20+ tasting experiences for foodies of all ages, including an opportunity to judge some of the event’s 8,000 competition dishes. That’s right, you can claim a VIP seat at one of the judging tables by attending a one-hour interactive event where you’ll be trained by a WFC associate or professional chef on the E.A.T. methodology, which is WFC’s scoring system, that enables judges to rank any dish based on three key criteria: Execution, Appearance and Taste. Only foodies who are E.A.T. certified are eligible to judge at WFC’s Main Event. As a bonus, all judges will receive FREE WFC General Admission access throughout the five-day competition.

Courtesy photo provided by World Food Championships

In addition to viewing the chef competitions, attendees will enjoy access to these special exhibits at no additional cost:

BBQ Ranch — Back by popular demand, WFC and its barbecue partners will be serving up free fixins for Texas-sized appetites. Pitmasters and celebrity chefs will be firing up thousands of pounds of barbecue from the hottest grills and barbecue pits on the market for foodies to savor and enjoy. This ranch-style block party will be one of the most unique barbecue bashes in WFC history.

Beat the Beefer –– The inventors of the original Beefer are coming back to WFC to give its Steak competitors the chance to win extra cash using their German-based, top-down searing machine that generates a stunning 1,500 degrees of Fahrenheit heat within seconds. This is one sizzling segment that’s a must-see!

Biscuits & Jampionship –– Held Saturday, Nov. 3:30p-5p. WFC has once again partnered with the Dallas-based jam and jelly company, The Jelly Queens, to bring back the “Biscuits and Jampionship” ancillary chef competition. Determined through an online recipe contest months prior, ten finalists will recreate their recipe submissions in person at WFC for an esteemed panel of judges. This delicious and quirky contest is always full of fun surprises, thanks to the lovable Jelly Queen herself, Donna Collins. All sweet tooths should standby for leftovers!

Fire Woman — Held on Sunday, Nov. 7 from 4p-6p. Ninety minutes. Four award-winning female pitmasters. One challenge. Zero help. Need we say more? Join us to see who will rise from the smoke to take home the Fire Woman title and cash prize.

Granny Grilling –– Held on Sunday, Nov. 6 from 1p-3p. This unique competition that’s been featured on a special segment on Delish. For this year’s throwdown, four talented grannies will have to put their grilling gear on as they’ll be challenged to a live-action grill-off! Each granny will be given a “mystery box” of ingredients to create their entry dish. With no prior knowledge of what products they will have access to, they will have to let their culinary skills and imagination take the lead.

Hall of Taste — This is a new area to Food Sport, where WFC attendees have the opportunity to sample a variety of complimentary food-related products as they enter the gateway to Kitchen Arena. From exclusive Texas bites to hidden gems throughout America and the World, this area will warm up everyone’s palettes as the perfect prep for the sights, sounds and smells of WFC.

Additional special events like are available for an increased ticket price. Visit their website for all the details.


VIP tickets – Cost $185 for a 3-day VIP weekend pass or $65 for an individual VIP day pass. Attendees will enjoy a separate entrance to the main event, a private cash bar, TV screens to keep up to date on all of the action, complimentary chef demos and sampling, featured cocktails & refreshments, and more!

General admission tickets – Cost $40 for a 3-day weekend pass or $15 for a day pass. General Admission ticket holders will gain access to unique tasting experiences like Hall of Taste, BBQ Ranch, WFC’s Family Fun Zone, live music, chef demos and much more!