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VERTS Kebap. Say what? If you don’t know VERTS from its Austin or Houston locations, it’s time you make an introduction. The first Dallas location opened in Addison on October 11.

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Kebap is a popular (very popular) street food in Germany and other parts of Europe. Try it, and I think you’ll agree it’s going to catch on stateside. Food nerds will love it. Here’s why: 1) near-infinite customization; 2) relatively low-calorie counts (with most combinations coming in at 550 calories or less); 3) fantastic yogurt-based sauces you don’t have to feel guilty about; and 4) um, delicious.

Start with a Turkish-style pide bread. Vegan and trans-fat free, the bread doesn’t weigh down all the good stuff inside. Pick beef+lamb, chicken, veggie patties or falafel. Then start topping it with grilled and/or fresh vegetables and those fantastic sauces.

The grilled onions and mushrooms, mixed with parsley and spices, are so good. They’re well worth the 75-cent upcharge for grilled vegetables and complement both the beef+lamb and chicken. I am guessing the grilled pepper mixture is similarly swoon+worthy.

Get creative with saucing. Suggested to us were the combinations, Garlic mixed with Spicy Red and the House mixed with Vinaigrette. Both worked really well.

You’ll create a tasty and filling meal that you’ll feel good about. You’ll have loaded up on the huge selection of vegetables instead of a huge shot of calories.

And, if you want, skip the bread altogether and put all this good stuff on a salad. (A wrap, made with a tortilla, is also an option.)

Now, for the bonuses. And these are big bonuses.

• From-Austin treats: LovePuppies Brownies and Cuvee’s Black and Blue Cold-Pressed Coffee (don’t miss out on this stuff)
• Local beers from Deep Ellum Brewing and Peticolas Brewing – these are half price on Tuesdays from 5 to 10 p.m.
• Vegetable patties that could make me rethink that whole meat thing
• And, friendly folks to guide you through this new culinary adventure

VERTS says you can create 294,912 combinations. So, despite having visited twice in as many days, I’m really just getting started. And, by the time you read this, the next two DFW locations (at 75/Walnut Hill, and in Lewsville near CostCo) may be open, making it convenient for you to get started too.

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(Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary meal, and all thoughts are my own.)