Southlake just keeps growing and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon! Let’s welcome one of the newest, and greatest, additions – Unleavened Fresh Kitchen! I love how we’re all looking for healthier dining-out options and that this is exactly what Unleavened Kitchen has come to conquer. With the likelihood of just coming from a spin class relatively high if you’re in the Southlake area, this is the picture perfect place for you to pop by afterward.



Order at the bar.


The menu consists of 10 different pre-made dishes that you can either have in your choice of wrap or on a bed of greens. Wraps come in a few different flavors including gluten-free. Options here include skinny tuna salad, grilled chicken, fried shrimp, pulled pork, and buttermilk fried chicken.

Come on in.


With the wrap, you also get your choice of side dish, with the option to go hot or cold. Don’t worry, you’re still in the health-zone no matter what you pick. This menu includes broccoli slaw, grilled sweet corn, house-made soup, and quinoa and farro salad.

The Seaside with Broccoli Slaw on a GF wrap.


Of course, if you’re super hungry you could also grab one of the many appetizer dips or a delish dessert to share after your meal. On the menu, there are choices ranging from hummus and spicy avocado dip to ice cream sandwiches and Popsicles.

The Clubhouse with Quinoa & Farro salad on a spinach wrap.


Each season there’s also a “House Guest” option on the board under each section. Make sure to keep an eye out for the changing menu items!

Cold brew and Super Berry tea forever.


Don’t forget the kids – they’ve got their own menu AND they can eat free every day after 4 p.m.! If you’re more of a morning person Unleavened Fresh Kitchen has you covered there, too. A breakfast menu that’s smaller, but definitely still important in a big way. Kiddos are included in this as well and you still have options, only now it’s a wrap or on potato hash, all accompanied by fresh fruit. And to top it all off, Unleavened Fresh Kitchen is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, too!

Grab something on-the-go and check out the “House Guests”!


Unleavened Fresh Kitchen also offers catering. Whether it’s for your next meeting, family gathering or event, they’re all about providing a convenient meal that everyone can feel good about. The menu consists of boxed meals with wraps and fruit, group and dessert platters, and even kid platters! Breakfast options are also available.

Gotta have my Super Berry tea.


Southlake is booming with new retailers and restaurants lately, and Unleavened is the perfect compliment to Southlake Town Square. Whether you’re meeting up with the girls, on a business lunch, or stopping by for a feel-good family meal, I’m positive that you’re going to fall in love with Unleavened Fresh Kitchen!


(Disclaimer: My meal was complimentary, but all opinions are my own.)