Tokyo Joe's in Richardson, TX

Tokyo Joe's in Richardson, TXIf you’ve got friends or family who live in Colorado, then you might already know about this fast-casual spot with a Japanese twist. If not, you will soon have TWO options to try out this fresh take on noodle and rice bowls, salads, and best of all, sushi with crab (not with a K).

Tokyo Joe’s has been open in Richardson for a couple of months now and will open a second location in McKinney on Wednesday December 16th with more plans to expand across the DFW. I was able to sit down with founder Larry Leith, a former professional skier, to learn about the restaurant and to try all the food. If you haven’t tried it yet, here are five reasons why you should!

1) Tokyo Joe’s focuses on creating healthy dishes. And while you can make substitutions at other restaurants in attempts to make your dish healthier (extra veggies and fried chicken is still healthy, right?), here you don’t have to. Meats are grilled, veggies are steamed, carbs aren’t empty, and sauces and dressings are packed with spices, herbs, and natural sweeteners.

Tokyo Joe's sauces
Dear sauces, I’ll give you a home.

2) Speaking of sauces: from sweet to spicy to bright to hearty, there’s something to please all tastebuds. And mixing sauces makes them all the better. Peanut sauce with a spicy cilantro (Dragon sauce – you can eat it on anything), a spicy curry with a sweet teriyaki, and the list goes on. Plus, most are completely vegetarian and several are gluten free (Dragon sauce for the win again!).

Sushi at Tokyo Joe's
Real crab, Ahi piled high, and jalapeños that don’t joke around.
3) The FRESH CRAB! This is no joke. I can count on one hand the number of sushi restaurants where I’ve had real crab in a California roll. TJ’s is one of them. Not only do they have made-to-order rolls, they also serve some pretty unique signature rolls like the Cali Tartare with Ahi tuna, Sriracha, and Unagi sauce (yum) and the Surf & Turf with grilled steak and shrimp.

4) There are so many choices! The entire idea behind a build-your-own menu is to get exactly what you like. Keep it simple, or go crazy. And if someone else is doing all the prep work, cooking, and cleaning, why not live on the edge? From chicken to salmon to tofu, to brown rice or udon noodles, to fresh steamed vegetables, and (of course) the sauces, it might take a while to find your favorite combination(s). If you’re the type who gets overwhelmed by options, they’ve got signature bowls, soups, and salads for you to choose from, too.

Tokyo Joe's - Bowl
MoJOE Bowl
Tokyo Joe's Salads
Hookipa Salad with Salmon
5) They are all about providing excellent customer service. From helping you through the menu, to making sure your order is correct and to your liking, the staff is top notch. Larry is passionate about make ever customer experience a great one, which explains why he’s been so successful at building a following in Colorado.
The next time you’re in Richardson (or make it out to McKinney on Wednesday for their grand opening!) make sure to check it out! Let me know what sauce combo you come up with, too.
This tasting was complimentary; thoughts are my own.