So, I don’t like to go too far off the beaten path, but in a time where pretty much everyone around me is tying the knot, I felt an extremely strong urge to do something that would make our wedding stand out. We’ve all heard of dessert bars, mimosa bars, taco bars, but I wanted to take it even further – a dessert POTLUCK. Yeah, never mind that. I needed to take the dessert to an even higher level.

Wedding cakes: expensive, predictable and almost too many options. That’s when I fell into the hands of Val’s Cheesecakes. I realize not everyone likes cheesecake, but when planning a wedding you may find that a lot of things revolve around the guests, and that’s great, but I was totally fine with the fact that not everyone in attendance would like our cake or even get a slice of it (a cheesecake can only be so big).

My husband and I love cheesecake, and we were excited to have one thing that we could share, and one thing that revolved solely around us. I first reached out to Val’s to see if a wedding cheesecake was even possible. I think we were both a little excited at the idea of doing something new and different.



My now husband Andrew and I met up with Val and his team multiple times to collaborate and hash out ideas for cake flavors and colors to match our personalities and wedding theme. The end result was amazing:

Bottom layer: vanilla cheesecake with a graham cracker and bacon crust
Middle Layer: traditional buttercream + crumbled Oatmeal Bacon Cranberry cookies
Top Layer: vanilla cheesecake
All of this held by buttercream frosting, decorated by blueberries, and topped with blueberry preserves




If you’re also considering thinking outside the wedding cake box, and you really like cheesecake, and you don’t mind not sharing (though it’s totally possible) Val’s Cheesecakes is your go-to. Val and his team are gracious, humble, so kind, and ready to make you feel like you’ve won the wedding game.

(Don’t forget cheesecake jars are available for wedding shower and ceremony favors as well!)