Recently, the good folks over at The Place at Perry’s invited a few bloggers over for dinner – they’re making some big changes over there, and they wanted to tell us all about ‘em. Of course, we had heard a few months ago that they’d be moving down the street come 2012, but we were nevertheless curious to learn more.

The evening began with proprietor Devin Cox giving his spiel – the new digs will have floor-to-ceiling windows, a lower price point, and, according to Cox, a decidedly more hip feel to it. This facelift wasn’t just aesthetic, he assured us, as he shared that the menu was set to change completely, they even brought in Susan Hage to collaborate with Execuchef Jaime Corona. Cox was particularly proud of his restaurant’s buying criteria – local, humane, etc… In short – ain’t no foie on this menu!

Then, in whisked three waiters to serve the first of what would be 21 dishes from the new menu. While we can’t possibly go into detail on each of the dishes, we’ll hit on a few of the particularly notable ones. Suffice it to say, though, this Dallas Food Nerd can’t wait to go back!

Crab Cakes – Before these luscious morsels of crabby goodness came out, Cox warned that they may well be the best crab cakes in town and he may be right. This is the one dish that our whole table agreed was something special. The breading-to-crab ratio is nice, meaning they don’t skimp on the crab, and priced at just $12¸they’re a great start to any meal.

BBQ Shrimp and Corn Gristmill Grits – I’ll admit, I was a big skeptical when they placed this dish down on the table. See, when a lot of folks hear BBQ Shrimp, they th

ink about crustatians tossed on the grill and slathered in BBQ sauce. Not here. Instead, it’s an ode to New Orleans where the sauté is concocted of butter, garlic, Worcestershire and spices. Now, I’ve eaten my way through The Big Easy many a times, and this is among my favorite dishes, so you may understand my skeptisicm. Nevertheless, I was pleased with the dish. Chef Corona used a nice array of spices – not too much, not too little – and once the thin sauce had soaked into the thick-cut grits, OH MY GOSH! Amazingness. If only I had a Sazerac in hand, I would have truly felt like I was back in NOLA.

Stuffed Mushrooms – While I’m not usually a fan of stuffed mushrooms, these actually blew me away. They were absolutely huge, and the stuffing was moistened with a heavy dose of Bleu cheese. Now, I’m a proponent of potent cheeses, so I welcomed the flavor, but it was admittedly too much for others at our table.

Coffee Crusted Filet – This is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen done to a steak in years. Chef Corona dusts the 8 oz. filet in coffee grinds and then serves it with a blueberry chipotle reduction. Sounds kind of crazy, but it works. That said, as amazing as my few bites of beefy, fruity, smoky goodness were, I think the flavor would be too much after an entire filet, and at $43, it’s a pretty lofty investment.

The Place at Perry’s Burger – Every restaurant its signature burger, and with all these changes, The Place figured they should have one, too. The end result was a $14 hunk of Niman Ranch beef layered with slices of roasted jalapeño, strips of crisp bacon and a slathering of mac ‘n cheese. Yea, mac ‘n cheese. The burger was rich and spicy, but not too overpowering. They served it with a side of truffle fries and while those could have used a touch more salt, I commend them for not overdoing the truffle oil.

Some other must-try dishes that didn’t get a full writeup include the Roasted Drambuie Quail, Asian Chicken Salad, Seared Scallops and the Branzino Mediterraneo.

The Place at Perry’s
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