My wife and I were discussing what to eat for lunch. I had been craving a chicken Caesar salad, but not JUST a chicken Caesar salad, by the best chicken Caesar salad from a restaurant (I make the ACTUAL best GCC, via Jamie Oliver). To my delight she replied, “chicken Caesar”, when I asked her what she wanted to eat. Then, at the same time, we both said “from Pastazios!!!”

This place is 15 miles away, in the Addison Circle, and we have to pass maybe 200 restaurants to get there, but it was totally worth the trip. As we got closer and the anticipation was building, I made the decision to blog about it for my initial DallasFoodNerd contribution. My plan was to take pictures and somehow savor the dish more so that I could properly describe it. After we were served our salads I was so eager to dive into it, that I totally forgot that I was going to prop out the table and take some artful photographs of this wonderfulness. I succumbed to gluttony and DOVE right into my salad (FYI, I had a slice of greasy, and delicious pepperoni pizza too). So I had eaten half the salad before I came to my senses, and my wife had a small with the dressing on the side. Here is what it looks like halfway thru…

I used to work in the Addison Circle for 2 different companies. They were both on the 5th floor, and right next to each other. On the first floor of this particular building is one of the greatest places to eat…Pastazios, New York Pizza. Due to their convenient location, I tried them almost immediately. Pizza was very good, true New York style, with big slices, that beg to be folded, and the pepperoni drips that slightly orange-ish grease that lets you know you are not eating health food.

I loved the pizza so much that I rarely ever got anything else, a slice (or 2) of pepperoni or sometimes I would totally shake things up and get plain cheese. Well, one day I was actually tired of eating pizza….yeah, I know, I couldn’t believe it either! I ordered a chicken Caesar salad. Now I had eaten this dish at many places, but this thing really tasted phenomenal. This is one of those dishes that doesn’t look like it would be anything special. Even when I was thinking about how to describe it on DFN, it didn’t sound very special or blogable. I assure you that the sum of its parts add up to an awesome lunch!!!

First of all they pile on the chicken. It is cut into thin shavings, which somehow enhance their flavor. This mound is placed on romaine lettuce and crotons, which is tossed in a simple Caesar dressing. I was hooked after my first one. I ate it so often that the guy who made the salads would start my salad, with a smile, as soon as he saw me walking in.
To make sure I wasn’t crazy, I brought my wife here and she loved it too.

I wish I had some poetic words to do this meal the justice that it deserves, but you just have to trust me that this is a TOP NOTCH salad that will satisfy even the biggest food nerd!