Diner en Blanc Dallas

Ever wonder what a giant dinner party at secret location with tons of strangers would be like? I’ll give you a little hint – it’s super fun! That’s exactly what Diner en Blanc is. It’s an all-white dinner party held in a top-secret location with thousands of people all around the city. What started in France with a small group of friends in the 1980s has now blossomed to an event hosting thousands in over 60 cites across the globe. And we’re lucky that Dallas is one of them!

Diner en Blanc Dallas


This year’s local event took place earlier this fall at Dallas City Hall. Guests are expected to dress in all white, meet at the rendezvous locations and board buses to the secret spot. In addition to your all white ensemble, guests are to bring tables and chairs for two – all in white of course.

Since this is a pop-up dinner, the meal is all your choice. Some people brought meats and cheeses for a sampling platter, others brought full on Chipotle or Olive Garden. Whatever fits your fancy is on the menu. For those who don’t want to worry about what to pack for dinner, catered meals are available with advance purchase. While the event is not BYOB – you are able to purchase a selection of champagne or wine prior to the event for your enjoyment the night of the big bash.

Diner en Blanc Dallas


Diner en Blanc is all about creativity. Whether it’s the meal, outfit, or table decor, it’s all about bringing a fun flair to the event. White is key the main ingredient though! There were unique lighting situations, a carousel of candles, white trees, and even a cabana made an appearance at this year’s event. People go all out for this party, there are no shortage of interesting tables. The traditional white napkin wave signals the beginning of the event and kicks of the night.


Diner en Blanc Dallas


Everyone is a friendly face at this party. With the common theme of everyone dressed in white, good music (live band and a DJ), and amazing weather, friends are made quickly. No one is a stranger at Diner en Blanc. The dance floor opens up once everyone arrives and there are photo booths to capture the spirit of the evening. It’s definitely a fun time for all involved.


If you can manage to score an exclusive ticket to next year’s event, you won’t be disappointed!

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