Texas Roadhouse is exactly what the name implies. A good, solid place to eat, as long as your not a vegetarian. They have many cuts of steak, chicken dishes and “fall off the bone” ribs. There is one near us and we have had many good times there. The waitresses will break into line dancing and sing certain songs, and you can throw your peanut shells on the floor.
Last night I took my 6 year old son there for a “boys night” dinner. We both got steaks, and I did something I do not normally do…I sent my steak back for some more heat, I usually order steaks medium, cause most often they come out a perfect medium rare, which is how I want them. I ordered medium rare, and it came out rare. But I’m digressing.
Once my correctly cooked steak came to the table, my son, right on que, said that he had to go to the restroom.
So I take him to do his business, when we got back to our table, I noticed that our food was gone, and our drinks had been refilled. What happened?
The busboy cleared our table, thinking we had left (with 2 completely full plates of food. I hadn’t even taken the first bite of my steak). So this is an unfortunate thing, but not the end of the world.
In all industries, things happen. Its how you deal with them that is more important in my book.
The manager had noticed what had happened even before we returned, and he had already replaced our drinks, and resubmitted our food. FIVE employees, including 2 managers, stopped by to apologize and make sure we were happy. Our food arrived, properly cooked, only a few minutes later. When we got the check I noticed that they gave us a 30% discount for the troubles. The drama didn’t end there though.
Once at our truck, my son remembered that he had taken an action figure to dinner and had left it at the table. Back in we went, straight to the table (we had only left 2 minutes earlier). Not only was the table already bussed, but there were people sitting at it. 3 of the 5 people that had talked to us about the missing food, quickly followed up to see what was the matter, and within 2 minutes, my son was smiling as he held his beloved Pokemon!

Great customer service is becoming a thing of the past at a lot of places.
Kudos to Texas Roadhouse in The Colony for properly rectifying the situation.