Continuing our feature on the Taste Addison competition we attended on Wednesday, here’s a recap of the side items and a peek at the competition winner!

Italian Club of Dallas – Tre Palle
These fried little rice balls are actually a Sicilian dish the Italian Club did in three different flavors. The green was a traditional pesto, the white had mozzarella cheese and the red was a spicy marinara sauce. It almost tasted a bit like Sriracha. These were good, but not super flavorful, but would be convenient to nosh on at an outdoor event.

Sherlock’s Baker St. Pub – Havana Husks
sherSherlock’s used fresh, roasted corn slathered in a cilantro-lime mayo in their Havana Husks dish. It looked delicious sliced into small rounds, still on the cob, but the corn was quite cold. Which was quite a surprised since it was roasted, but hopefully if they decide to sell this item eventually (in their restaurant or at a festival) they will make sure the item is served warm right off the grill.

Blue Mesa – Chimayo Market Corn
This was my favorite dish and #1 vote of the competition. While it was funny to have two almost identical dishes in the competition (see above), this was was hands down the winner. The fresh corn was sweet, and the chipotle-ancho mayo spread all over and sprinkled with queso fresco was fantastic. This dish came to us warm which made all the difference in the world. Plus with was a sizable hunk of corn, still on the cob, served on a skewer with a wedge of lime, this also had a nice presentation.

AND, we’re happy to finally announce that Blue Mesa’s Chimayo Corn was the winner of the Taste competition! Genghis Grill’s Sweet & Spicy Steak Wrap came in second and Buffalo Wild Wings’ Deep Fried Bread Pudding Bites came in third.

Be sure to get your tickets to Taste Addison happening Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19. Happy eating!