addisonElysa and I attended Taste: The Competition, the kickoff to Taste Addison 2013, today to sample unique “street food” creations from some of Addison’s favorite restaurants. Chefs were asked to create a dish not currently on their menus, that could easily be carried around a carnival or fair and would be judged on presentation, creativity and, of course, TASTE.

Fifteen different restaurants participated in the event, and to share all the fun and deliciousness coming out of Addison, Elysa and I are going to spread our coverage of the event across a couple of posts and countdown to the Taste Addison on May 17. Here’s my recap of the “wrap/taco” type foods at the Taste event.

Dickey’s Barbecue – Pulled Pork TacosDickeys 2

The one ended up in my top three. Tender pulled pork (not too wet or too dry) with a nice slice of avocado and cilantro. It could have used a bit more lime juice, and didn’t need the double tortilla, but it was still super tasty and a nice surprise from Dickey’s

Cantina Laredo – Lump Crab Quesadillas
I had high hopes for this one (and it looked fantastic!) but I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of cream cheese. It was drowning all the great lump crab! When I did get a few bites of just crab and the Ginger Habanero Mango Salsa, it was nice and light. If you’re a cream cheese lover, this would have probably sent you over the moon.

The Quarter – Shrimp Remoulade Wrap
This simple wrap featured gulf shrimp and The Quarter’s homemade remoulade sauce all housed in a spinach tortilla wrap. The shrimp were sweet and the remoulade sauce was good, but the overall item was a bit underwhelming. If they had it on a small french baguette roll maybe it would a bit better, but the dry, packaged taste of the tortilla kinda killed it.

Genghis Grill – Sweet & Spicy Steak Wrap
Another one in my top three. This sounded like a crowd favorite among the other judges. The korean BBQ steak was tender, the mixed greens, onions and bell peppers were crunchy, the flatbread was soft and the sweet and spicy sauce was just spicy enough. I could totally see this being served at an outdoor event, and the way it came packaged is perfect for walking around. PLUS the GG team said if this item does well, they’ll add it to the menu. Here’s hoping!

So much tasty food left to share with you, plus we’ll announce the winner of The Competition in the next few posts. Stay tuned!

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