If you’ve ever been to the Oak Lawn/Cedar Springs area, then you know that there is no shortage when it comes to dining options. You’ll find a range of cuisines and price points that fit your need, but if you want to go to a slam dunk of an establishment (a place you know won’t disappoint no matter what you order) or are looking to impress (may it be a date, family members, or a group of friends), then Street’s Fine Chicken is your place.

Walking in, my very first thought was “how on earth did I miss this place, it’s a few establishments down from S4!” followed by “this place is definitely a good starting point to grab drinks and fuel up with friends before a night out at S4.”

Their menu was extensive but not overwhelming. Need something light? They have soups, salads, and other vegetarian options. Want to be indulgent? Try Creamy Brie Mac n’ Cheese or the bread pudding. Want something that wasn’t born with feathers? They have shrimp and grits, meatloaf, and others! For a starter, we had Chickarones (fried chicken skins with chili lime salt). Growing up I was always the kid that stole the fried chicken skins off of everyone else’s plate, so I kind of consider myself an expert in this field. They were cooked perfectly and did not feel greasy or heavy– I just wish they offered this in other flavors!

Of course I couldn’t go to Street’s Fine Chicken without trying their specialty. The chicken is brined then fried to perfection. I like to think I’m a decent home cook, but I’m not so great at making fried chicken. I think it’s actually pretty hard to make, but Street’s owned the chicken-frying process. They tell you that it may take a while to cook, but if you order an appetizer it won’t feel like it.

I ordered the Sin Killer because it was Peri Peri chicken and I remember having it somewhere else (I honestly don’t remember where) and loving it. I just equate it with flavorful seasoning, and that’s exactly what they serve at Street’s. You can definitely taste the spices and flame-grilled goodness. Foodies and picky eaters (like my son) alike will fall in love with this dish, especially if you pair it with their Creamy Brie Mac N’ Cheese! I KNOW!!!

We also got to try this sweet potato hash with kale that they’re thinking about adding to the menu, which they should because it’s a delicious veggie side option that isn’t brussel sprouts (since I know there are several people repulsed by that vegetable! But why, though?)

Street’s Fine Chicken is a great restaurant with AMAZINGLY friendly service. It’s the perfect place to sit down and have wonderful conversation over delicious food. Next time you find yourself looking for a place to eat in the Dallas area that’s not too crowded, has ample parking, and serves fried chicken skins, check out Street’s! I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of their menu.

Disclaimer: I was invited for a complimentary dinner, but all opinions are my own.