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I was looking through my photos on my phone and realized I have all sorts of food related photos from the last few weeks. It’s not unusual for me to take photos of our dinner with hopes of blogging about it later. Meanwhile life passes and I end up with all these photos that may or may not get shared. And so, here’s a hodge-podge of randomness from May. If you follow us on Instagram you may remember a few of these things.

  1. .Val’s Cheesecake has a new line of desserts. They gave us Chipotle Pepper Brownies & Oatmeal Bacon Cranberry Cookies to try.
  2. The newest Dallas Trader Joe’s is scheduled to open this week in Inwood Village. I may have driven around orange cones in the parking lot to snap this picture.
  3. We kicked off our Cinco de Mayo weekend with Dallas-based Skimmy’s Mixers Margarita Mix & Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila.
  4. My shoes matched the drink I ordered at Nektar Juice, so I took a picture, and Nektar ended up resharing it on their Instagram! In case you were wondering, the fruit that makes this SOOOO pink is called pitaya.
  5. We went to one our favorite Thai places for Rory’s birthday, and friends spontaneously showed up. Love when things like that happen.
  6. Have you been to So&Sos yet? I went with Dallas Foodie (Danielle), Dallas Socials (Betsy), and Ashley (DFN & Genpink) last week. The burger I had was excellent! It’s on McKinney Ave, stop by the next time you’re in the area. Oh and try one of their cocktails – I had Whatchamacallit Mule.
  7. Meso Maya has an excellent Avocado Margarita. Realizing about now that I have more drink photos than food from the past few weeks.
  8. Another adventure this month with Dallas Foodie involved a trip to Houston’s. I had Ahi Tuna, Rory had lamb and Danielle had Crab Cakes.
  9. I tried Barr Hill Gin at a Derby Day event and I quite liked it. I used to be exclusively a vodka girl, but I find that I’m liking Gin more and more these days. Does that make me a grownup?
  10. Speaking of grown up… the other night we made a quick, healthy dinner and I was surprised how much I enjoyed fresh green beans. So many people doctor them up with all sorts of sauces.
  11. We made polenta for the first time this month. It’s been in a few of The Fresh 20‘s* May meal plans. It turned out to be a nice make-ahead item for dishes throughout the week.

*I’ve been a subscriber of The Fresh 20 for a while now. I’ve shared it several times in those months. I just recently joined The Fresh 20 as their Marketing Manager, so here’s my official disclaimer. I’m happy to send sample meal plan or answer questions if you’re interested.

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