My wife and I just finished trying out a new restaurant in Plano, and I was so impressed that I felt the need to share.
When we are in a salad mood, we normally hit Jason’s Deli, but since we’ve passed SS so often, thought we’d give it a go.

I’m SO glad we did.
I was a bit overwhelmed when we walked in, as the place is lined with family style tables and 2 large chalkboards that serve as the menu. It was loud and had lots of activities behind the counter. We let a customer go ahead of us so that we could study the menu. We got the hang of it and went for it.
This is basically a “don’t do it yourself” salad bar. They offer a few wraps, soups and baked taters, but the salad definitely takes center stage.

You can create your own “snap” by guiding the employee through the massive amounts of fresh looking items. All this goodness was constantly being refilled so that it was in a constant state of beauty. Packed in a whole bunch of ice to maintain freshness, it almost looked like a work of art. The lettuce is at the front of the line with several types to choose from, like red leaf, romaine, Iceberg and spinach. Anything you could imagine on a salad was there, even a few that I hadn’t thought of, like fried artichoke hearts and wasabi peas. They also have “menu salads” in half snap and full snap sizes. The full snap is HUGE!
My wife had the Artisan and I choose the Grilled Avocado salad. Hers had basil, green onions, cranberries, walnuts, queso fresco and lightly fried artichoke hearts with a balsamic vinegar and California Olive Ranch evoo.
It was very tasty….BUT, the grilled avocado was amazing!
A mixture of red leaf and iceberg lettuce with black bean and corn relish, grilled avocados and a grilled tomato (which they grilled right there in front of me), queso fresco, chipotle-lime vinaigrette and mexican crema. The artisan took her time and carefully prepared my work of art. She even smiled when it met her satisfaction and she mouthed “beautiful” to herself. This thing looked and tasted awesome!
They are a eco friendly business and they have another chalkboard that had many facts about their eco friendly ideas and procedures. A few examples are that the drink cups are derived from corn and are 100% compostable, as well as the to-go utensils. They built/decorated the place with reclaimed wood from a brewery in Ft. Worth. The counter was made with recycled bottles and cans.

Snappy Salads has 3 locations, 1 in Plano and 2 in Dallas.
I would venture to say that you will not be disappointed if you try them out.
Keep an eye out for me, cause I will for sure go there again….often!

Last thing is a warning…they are a bit pricey. My large salad was almost $14, which actually wasn’t too bad
considering all the good stuff that came in the bowl.

Reminded me of a line from Seinfeld about a “big salad in a big bowl with lots of stuff in it”.