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If you’re looking for some serious seafood around town, you need to visit Fish City Grill. The company recently introduced four new and refreshed menu items including the Crawfish Half & Half, Andouille Chicken, Raphael’s Mexican Shrimp Cocktail and Shrimp, Catfish and Oyster platters. The new menu is now available at all 18 Fish City Grill and Half Shells locations. I stopped by the Fish City Grill location off Preston and Royal to sample the new items, as well as some classics!

Before I dive into the food and drinks, I wanted to share a note about the restaurant’s atmosphere and values. If you haven’t visited a Fish City Grill location before, you’ll feel right at home. It’s a casual and comfortable place in a family-friendly environment. The staff was very courteous and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the food and drinks menu. The company prides itself on catching the freshest fish and oysters from across the region while keeping prices affordable for guests. The restaurant’s large chalkboard full of menu listings will catch your eye upon walking in. This board is a distinctive aspect of the brand that enables each store to create and offer unique, regional dishes based on the types of fish available and flavors guests crave.

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The oyster nachos are a BIG deal at Fish City Grill. I sampled a piece of this appetizer and fell in love with it! The delicious chipotle tarter sauce drizzled on top of the chips, oysters and garnishes was perfect, and the restaurant had me impressed already. You can bet I’ll be back ordering this app every single time.

Next up was another favorite menu item of mine, the Raphael’s Mexican Shrimp Cocktail. This appetizer features shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, jicama and onions in a tangy cocktail sauce, served with tortilla chips. It’s not very spicy, which is good for me. But if spicy is your style, feel free to add some hot sauce to be even happier. This appetizer is piled high in a shiny martini glass and looks just as great as it tastes.

Raphael’s Mexican Shrimp Cocktail via dallasfoodnerd.com
Raphael’s Mexican Shrimp Cocktail


After the app came the dinner plates, and I began with the Crawfish Half & Half. This meal was a chalkboard favorite applauded by Fish City Grill customers, and now you’ll see the entree on the every day menu. This dish includes heaping portions of both Crawfish étouffée and fried crawfish tails, served with rice. Guests will experience two bold flavors in one dish.

Crawfish Half & Half via dallasfoodnerd.com
Crawfish Half & Half


I also grabbed a bite of the newly-improved Shrimp, Catfish and Oyster platters. This plate is piled even higher than before with the scrumptious seafood. The fish and shrimp platters can be grilled, fried or blackened, and the oyster platters can be fried or shucked to order. The fried options are delicate and guiltless! As you can tell, the restaurant offers plentiful cooking varieties to please all taste buds. (Excited yet??)

Catfish and shrimp platter with waffle fries, cole slaw and hush puppies
Catfish and shrimp platter with waffle fries, cole slaw and hush puppies


The side dishes that come with the seafood platters are just as ah-mazing: Your choice of Virginia’s apple cider cole slaw, hush puppies, large waffle fries or rice. My favorite side, the hush puppies, are an addition to all seafood platters – winning!

Fish City Grill knows that not all guests are a fan of seafood, so they offer a revamped version of their grilled chicken breast entrée, now called the Andouille Chicken. I enjoy grilled chicken on any day, and this flavorful meal includes the chicken and grilled Andouille sausage served over red beans and rice. It has a savory Cajun taste to it that will impress many customers.

chicken breast platter at FCG via dallasfoodnerd.com
Andouille Chicken dish


I paired my dinner with wine (and if you know me, this isn’t a surprise!). Fish City Grill has added new selections to its wine list, including Sonoma-Cutrer Chardonnay, Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay, Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio, Trapiche Malbec and Le Grand Noir Black Sheep Pinot Noir. You’ll definitely find a great wine match for your meal.

If you’ve been to Fish City Grill I’d love to know what entrees you like best! (Comment below or tweet us at @DallasFoodNerd.)

I enjoyed the tastings and will definitely be back at the restaurant for Shrimpapalooza!


(Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary tasting of these menu items, and all thoughts are my own.)

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