Dirty Cajun is delicious cajun via dallasfoodnerd.com

You’ll find unexpectedly good Cajun fare at a Carrollton spot on Old Denton Drive just north of the Bush Turnpike. Despite its location across from Spa Castle and amid a cluster of Korean restaurants, the flavor at Dirty Cajun is definitely more big easy.

Come hungry and leave your dietary restrictions at the door.

Dirty Cajun is delicious cajun via dallasfoodnerd.com

Recommended Menu Items at Dirty Cajun

  • Start with the Cheddar Cheese Boudin Balls. Though my wife generally steers clear of sausage dishes, even she had to admit these were tasty. Flavorful ground pork sausage, a gooey cheddar cheese center and a kicky dipping sauce make them a worthwhile indulgence.
  • In my book, a good po’boy is defined by the quality of the bread and the ratio of fillings. The fried shrimp po’boy delivered on both. It was as good as any I’ve had in New Orleans and generously sized, packed with what must have been close to two dozen tender fried shrimp.
  • The fish tacos, which can be ordered fried or blackened, were equally good and equally generous. Almost too large to pick up, each held a large fillet and a big slice of fresh avocado along with cabbage, pico and a spicy special sauce.
  • The hushpuppies were also among the best I’ve had. And the hurricane, while frozen, had great real hurricane flavor. All in all, Dirty Cajun delivered a surprisingly authentic meal.

Also on our list:

Next time, we’ll go for the etouffee, jambalaya or one of the other Cajun specialties, or sample from the extensive grilled, raw or boiled selections.

Dirty Cajun is new and still working through some service hiccups. They’ll get it smoothed out. Until then, just pretend you’re in New Orleans where a friendly staff easily trumps speed of service. Laissez le bon temps rouler.

Food Nerd: Since August 1st there are already 22 reviews for Dirty on Yelp.

(Disclaimer: All thoughts are my own.)