If you enjoy seafood and you’re in the Plano area, you’ve most likely enjoyed a meal or bought fresh seafood at Sea Breeze Fish Market & Grill.  But did you know they also provide a cooking class? Me neither. As not only a seafood restaurant, additional offerings include catering, a fish market and cooking classes. They may not be near a body of water but their fresh, never frozen, seafood is flown in directly from the source.

Hank, sous chef, led the cooking class and was very informative on providing step by step instructions and tips to easily make the recipes at home. Some which they actually have on the menu.


Each month there are 2 classes with the same menu. The cost is only $50 per class and they fill up quickly.  Apparently they have regular folks who frequent the classes and sometimes the same menu because they enjoy it so much.

I’ve attended several cooking classes over the years, in various locations and there is always something new to learn. I really enjoyed this seafood-focused class for a few reasons.

#1 –They walk you through each recipe to show how easy it is and with minimal ingredients. (I don’t cook a lot of seafood, mostly because I’m not sure where to start or what to cook that is simple and tasty.)

#2 – This is NOT a hands on cooking class. It’s a demonstration. Great for new or beginner home cooks to learn. (Or for some of us who like to sit back once in a while and taste test while we learn a new recipe or cooking method.)

#3 – Q&A is really helpful in this setting because everyone can hear and take notes.  Sometimes when you’re actually prepping/cooking in classes, you don’t always hear everyone clearly or your hands are deep in dough.

#4 – You pay at the end of class. So it’s as if you enjoyed a meal at the restaurant made by a personal chef but also received awesome recipes along with a demonstration.

I walked away feeling as if I could whip up the Bacon Wrapped Scallops with Chipotle Aioli like a master chef. That is one delicious example of what they had on the restaurant menu for a limited time.


Also, not only did they show us how to make a succulent salmon over veggies baked in a pretty package with herb compound butter, but we received a gift of the flavorful butter to try the recipe at home.


Overall, whether you are new to the kitchen or love seafood, this class at Sea Breeze is a breeze and you’ll walk away with knowledge to make it yourself at home and a tasty meal.

Sea Breeze is located at 4017 Preston Rd. in the Lakeside Market shopping center in between Spring Creek Parkway and Lorimar Drive.

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(Disclaimer: My cooking class was complimentary and all thoughts are my own.)