It’s no secret that Dallas has hands down the best philanthropic parties. If there is one thing I can definitely attest to, it’s that the Perot Museum knows how to throw a party!



On November 14, the museum held its annual Night at the Museum event benefiting the continued support of the groundbreaking museum, and it was a special introduction to its new Columbian Mammoth specimen, Ellie May! This was the party to be at last weekend and thankfully Dallas Food Nerd was lucky to be represented.

Guests were welcomed to an adults only adventure of exploring the museum’s exhibit halls with experiences and interactions build around Illumination highlight the Perot’s newest traveling exhibit, Creatures of Light: Nature’s Bioluminescence. The theme was well represented on every floor as people mingled, noshed, and drank the SmokeCocktailnight away. As for the culinary creations, Wolfgang Puck catering did not disappoint with their extensive food and cocktail menu.

Each floor was equipped with various bars and platters of food roaming around to satisfy anybody’s taste buds. You never waited in a line to snag a speciality cocktail or just your bar staple, which is always a plus at any event you attend. Each of the speciality cocktails tied into the Illuminate theme and the bartenders definitely made you want another. The Smoke cocktail was whiskey based, mixed with a little egg white, a splash of grenadine, and topped off with a sweet cherry for added flavor.

As for the food selection, it was vast and endless. It seemed like every corner you turned or trip back from the dance floor a new treat was delivered your way. The only negatives were that you often found yourself chasing waiters to snag the last of a treat and there was seriously no way you could’ve tasted everything they served. From stuffed mushrooms, cotton candy wrapped bacon, frito pies, and macarons the menu evolved throughout the evening when they hit the holy grail of all munchies – bite sized chicken & waffles.

ChickenandWafflesThese delectable treats were probably my favorite of the entire evening. A savory and moist piece of fried chicken nestled in a sweet fried sugar waffle cone, drizzled in the sweetest syrup that melted in your mouth. Each time a new tray of these came out, everyone was on their way to snag one and sometimes two of these treats.

For the after party, the ladies were able to trade in their heels for complimentary ballet flats and the glow sticks and flashing lights were passed out to guests. Following all the food and drinks, dancing was just what everyone needed to burn off those calories. Professor D closed out the evening with tunes spanning from any and every genre conceivable.

Bravo to the Perot Museum for yet another spectacular year and we look forward to next year’s event!


Disclaimer: These tickets were provided complimentary, and all opinions are my own.