Bread_Zeppelin0014Bread Zeppelin, a new fast-casual concept in Las Colinas, is more than just a catchy name. Is it a wrap or a sub? Actually neither, it’s a Zeppelin! Taking the salad to new heights, Bread Zeppelin offers your customized chopped salad in a toasty hollowed out fresh artisan baguette (the trademark Zeppelin) or a 48 ounce bowl. I noticed the “coming soon” sign and counted down the days until their grand opening. I am happy to say my first trip to Bread Zeppelin was during the evening of their soft opening earlier this month. You could tell that the number of salads and Zeppelins sold throughout the day skyrocketed (puns are welcome here) because by the time I got there, the bread was already sold out! Normally I would think of this situation as tragic, but it proved just how much potential this restaurant already has in the DFW Metroplex.

Bread Zeppelin0051Sandwiches are messy, wraps fall apart, and most salads aren’t big enough. Fear not, Bread Zeppelin combines premium ingredients, consistency in every bite, and the ability to eat exactly what you like! Their mission is simple: 40 ingredients, 20 dressings including “lighter than air” options, a mezzaluna knife to obliterate it all, and freshly baked bread from Dallas’ own Empire Bakery (crunchy shell, soft on the inside, warm, and easy to eat). Some may say others have done this before, but I disagree. I have never seen a quick service restaurant transform the salad bar experience into something so uplifting and well, elevated above all the rest. I actually have had the pleasure of eating here three times and plan on returning tomorrow in honor of the grand opening! My favorite Bread Zeppelin menu item is the Washington State, which harmoniously blends together grilled chicken (cooked in house), apples, beets, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, and arcadian mix. They recommend champagne vinaigrette or white balsamic, but I decided to try the Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette instead. I even swapped out the blue cheese for feta. Yummy, indeed!


If you aren’t a fan of their own creations or simply indecisive, it’s better to customize your own (up to six ingredients in the bowl and four in the Zeppelin are free). I generally make my own due to my random cravings that have to be fulfilled. This is definitely the place to venture out of the garden and try Kale since the knife chops it finely, and the dressings coat it well. One of my favorite ways to eat it is mixed with spinach, feta, artichoke hearts, chicken, pumpkin seeds, hard-boiled egg, tomato, chickpeas, and “Lighter Than Balsamic” dressing (mixed with zero percent fat free Greek yogurt).

Are you hungry yet? If so, try out the first location of Bread Zeppelin today and see why salads aren’t only meant for people watching their waistline. You’ll find that you won’t miss the burger and fries after a few meals here. Plus, the service here is excellent and always with a smile!


Be sure to tweet with the hashtag #ZeppelinEffect, like the company on Facebook, and read more on their website.

6440 N. MacArthur Suite #140

Irving, TX 75039


(Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any free or discounted grub, but I did feel lighter each time I visited! I will definitely keep coming back for their healthy food, awesome attitude, great prices, and unlimited feeding options.)

Photos courtesy of Bread Zeppelin

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  1. i totally agree! bread zeppelins is awesome. i love that you can get anything and flavor!

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