You’re always looking for a good dinner deal. And, thanks to a locally based app, when you redeem a free deal, you also help to feed the hungry right here in DFW.

Dallas-based TangoTab was created to address the significant challenge of hunger right here at home. While many people envision hunger as a problem that occurs only in third world countries the battle against hunger is being waged right here at home, as 1 in 6 Americans will go to bed hungry tonight. TangoTab is a way for everyone to participate and contribute by simply doing something they love to do — dine out. And when you eat, they eat. To date, diners have helped TangoTab contribute more than 167,000 meals to people in need – and the number is growing exponentially.


It’s a simple process: diners download the free app (Android or iPhone) and search for restaurant deals in their preferred area. Restaurants partner with TangoTab to get the word out about specials and to fill seats at times that they need diners. When the diner redeems a deal at a restaurant simply by showing their phone screen to the wait staff, the diner receives the deal, the restaurant gets business, and TangoTab donates a meal to an established food pantry in that diner’s area. No additional money is spent by the diner: the only “extra” is that extra-good feeling of knowing that someone will not have to go to bed hungry tonight. It’s a win for diners, a win for restaurants, and a win for those in the area who can’t afford to feed themselves or their families today.

Just type in your zip code and get your deals – anything from 25% off, free appetizers or $10 off. And to sweeten the deal, when you follow TangoTab on Facebook, they’ll even get you a free Starbucks when you redeem your first two offers.