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What a humbling opportunity to spend the evening being wined and dined by two of the city’s greatest chefs, and to make matters even worse, we were called to convene at Chef Kent Rathbun’s very own home. I only felt the teeniest bit out of place.

Upon arrival we were quickly introduced to the newest grill of the Lynx brand – the world’s first, voice-activated, Wi-Fi enabled grill that operates on command. App-powered input provides the grill with all the details it needs to cook a (insert meat/veggie item here) to perfection. Tell it you have a 2″ thick rib-eye on the left side which you would like cooked to medium-rare…done. All you have to do is the flipping…as needed. The introductory 30″ built-in gas grill only sets you back $6k, but keep in mind that innovation sets the pace for imitation. There will be plenty more to come as current technology catches up with the future of grilling. The Jetson’s has this planned with the food-a-rac-a-cycle…aka 3-D food printing.

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We started the evening with cocktails and assorted pizzas on the grill, created by guest chef/author Kevin Garvin of Neiman Marcus Cooks.

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Meanwhile Chef Kent Rathbun monitored the duck and ribeye, which would later become our dinner of Soy Glazed Rotisserie Duck Fried Rice and Grilled Ribeye with Red Wine Butter.

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I’m a sucker for anything truffle, so of course the Truffle Risotto was a favorite of the night. The Prosciutto wrapped Seared Sea Scallops with Meyer Lemon Butter were hard to resist, as well.

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All-in-all, a great night with great food and great company.