We had the honor of welcoming 5th generation sake owner of Otokoyama Sake from Japan to a special pairing of sake and dinner collaboration with Uchi Houston. Goro-San (sake-enthusiest) spent one night in Houston to celebrate his family’s new label. This sake can only be found at Uchi Houston as they are not available for retail. Deliciously rare.

Hiyaoroshi Namazake
Kimono Cup Tokubetsu Junta

Kita no inaho daiginjo
Hiyaoroshi namazake
Kimono cup tokubetsu junta
Tokubetsu junmai

Confit Pheasant

Uchi Houston stands out on these three characteristics. The level of quality, artistic creativity on the plate, and their freshness of the ALL the ingredients. I have never eaten rice so flavorful and I have been eating it all my life! Their sushi are the finest, freshest fish that is imported from Japan. Always keeping seasonal ingredients in mind to change up the menu. It is no wonder why I hear Astro’s players come here often!

Uchi Chef de Cuisine, Chris Davies, and Uchi Sushi Chef, Bigler Cruz, have presented courses with Otokoyama sake pairings:
– Kanpachi crudo, ginger nikiri, burnt negi oil, lotus root
– Alaskan king crab, celery root veloute, puffed barley
– Two-piece sushi from toyosu market
– Confit pheasant, hibiscus zu, roasted plum, fennel
– Katsuo carpaccio, carrot dashi, shungiku, orange
– Australian wagyu tataki, yuzu glazed cabbage, salsify
– Dessert by pastry chef Meredith Larke

Australian Wagyu Tataki

Uchi Houston is located at:
904 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77006
@uchihouston (instagram) and @UchiHouston (facebook).

(Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and this event was hosted.)