We recently got to see an advance screening of the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey.”

It is a very good story, and I went in with fairly low expectations. I was completely impressed and left having seen a great movie.

Helen Mirrem is great along with the other actors. The story is basically about two competing restaurants that are across the street from one another. One is an Indian place and the other is a classical French restaurant looking for its second Michelin Star.

They are in the French countryside and the owners do not immediately get along and plan for the others demise.

Lots of food porn for the foodies, rom-com for those who like that, and lots of family laughter. So having been inspired by that….

I had to make something Indian. Chicken Tikki Masala!!!

I headed to my local Kroger Marketplace since I figured they would have the spices that I needed….NOT! They did not have garam masala. Luckily, I have the whole Internet in my pocket, so I found a Pioneer Woman recipe that included the ingredients of garam masala.


Next up was to make the sauce. I cut up an onion, minced garlic and ginger and sweated them until slightly translucent. Then I added tomatoes and about 3 tbsp on my homemake garam masala and some sugar. I let it simmer for a while to meld flavors and thicken up a bit.

I didn’t get any photos of the chicken breasts, but here’s what I did:

I seasoned them with cumin and coriander, then slathered them until covered in plain greek yogurt. Then I broiled them for 7-9 minutes on each side until they were slightly charred, but only slightly. Then I cut them into chunks and added them, along with heavy cream, to my sauce.


While all of that was going, I had some basmati rice in the rice cooker. Substituting chicken stock for half of the water, I also added some turmeric to give some more flavor and that awesome yellow color.

With the addition of some naan, my meal was complete. This one was a bit spicy for Zach, so I reserved some of the chicken, before it hit the sauce, and served that with some rice. He loved it.

It was weird, but his dish was awesome and a completely different taste. It is strange just how much the tikki masala sauce changed the flavor of therice and chicken. They were both awesome.

I served the chopped serrano chilies on the side, so we could each customize the spice level. It added a lot of that to my dish and I was happy with my medium heat level. Dutchess opted for much less serranos, but still said that her mouth was on fire.

Next up will probably be a curry of some sort. This was a successful attempt at getting some Indian Cuisine out of the FatherFeedsFlock kitchen.