Somehow it’s December already! I am really not sure what happen to October and November but alas we are officially in holiday season. Last weekend Rory and I spent some time redesigning the blog (if you reading via email or RSS hop over and take a look!). While we were editing pages and moving things around, we realized that we are approaching our 3 year anniversary since starting DFN! In those 3 years we’ve visited many mom-and-pop restaurants, attended several media dinners, written about some of our favorite restaurants and taken innumerable food photos!

One of my very favorite food events happens this time of year at Galleria Dallas. I love this preview event for several reasons: I get to see some of my favorite food loving friends, we get a sneak peek of food and drink items that are served only during the holidays, and we get an opportunity to meet some great behind the scenes folks (like Chefs, managers and marketing folks!).

Rory Ellis – DallasFoodNerd // Mike Hiller – WHERE Magazine & Escape Hatch Dallas // Alex Young – Eat.Style.Dallas // Kelly Hunter – Shiroma Southwest PR for Galleria Dallas // Elysa Ellis – DallasFoodNerd & Genpink // Betsy Mitchell – Dallas Socials // Melinda Thomas Fox Good Day Dallas // Cynthia Smoot – Oh So Cynthia // Holly Quartaro – Galleria Dallas // Jennifer B. – RealPoshMom // Farah Fleurima – The Dallas Diva and Zagat / Steven Doyle – CraveDFW // Arnold Wayne Jones – Dallas Voice // Liz – OhHeyDallas

Here’s a group photo!

We visited four restaurants in the Galleria this year: Mi Cocina, The Grill on the Alley, The Oceanaire and The Second Floor Bistro. At each stop, we sampled a few different foods, some wine and cocktails. We decided we’d share the highlights of each stop throughout the week, so stay tuned. Although, if you want a spoiler you’re welcome to check out everyone’s Instagram photos tagged #galleriaholiday.

One unspoken rule of visiting Galleria Dallas during the holidays is you MUST take a picture of the tree. So, here’s my obligatory Christmas tree photo!
Galleria Dallas Christmas Tree

Did you know the Galleria Dallas holiday tree is the tallest indoor tree in the U.S.? The tree towers 4-stories, 95 feet above the ice skating rink and is topped by 100 lb. LED star. ONE HUNDRED pounds!! It has 450,000 lights, 10,000 ball ornaments and 1,700 branches. That is a lot of zeros. And the answer to your next question: it takes close to 50 people and almost 48 hours to get that lovely thing up!

Disclaimer: Our food and drinks for the evening were covered by the fine folks at the Galleria Dallas. All of the opinions expressed in this series belong to DallasFoodNerd contributors. We certainly left our media preview evening full and happy.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series! Where are you looking forward to dining this holiday season?