Mucky Duck Bar in Addison Circle


Last week, I kicked off the Thanksgiving holiday early with a tasting at Mucky Duck with my husband. The bar is located in Addison Circle and is a great weekday spot to watch the game and hang at the bar or grab a table with a group of friends to catch up over yummy bites and pints. We joined Brad, the marketing director of Harder Concepts, to sample an appetizer, entrees, dessert and of course, beer. I was so pleasantly surprised by the variety offered on the menu. Brad let us know that they recently revamped their menu to feature new Harder Cocktails, and their Weekly Specials is a large draw. The favorites include Wednesdays for the half-off fish and chips and a free taco bar (6-8 p.m.) and all day happy hour on Thursdays (say what?).



I need to start by saying that we had excellent recommendations by our waitress who made the whole experience as if we were family (distinguishes them from other establishments). I started off with a draft Wells Banana, and it was so good. I’m not much of a beer drinker (light weight over here) post-college, but I couldn’t resist after seeing their large selection and a great rec from the waitress (the name escapes me, blame the turkey).

My winners included the Zen Potstickers, Fish and Chips, Brisket Tacos, Mac Burger and Funnel Cake Fries. Hubby gave two thumbs up for the Buffalo Chicken Tacos and Chef Club Wrap (in addition to my favs). I loved that they offer options to their guests and that you can eat quality and healthy food at the bar. Their chefs have experience at the top restaurants in town and the quality and taste is a direct reflection of their top notch staff.


Zen Potstickers

Perfectly pan fried pork dumplings were served in a delicious Thai dipping sauce. It was a great way to start the meal and full of flavor.



Fish and Chips

Fried to perfection without the side of grease that usually accompanies this dish. All sauces are made in house and fresh daily.


Brisket Tacos

The smoked brisket tacos were covered in a Jack Daniels barbeque sauce, onion straws and coleslaw. One bite and I knew I had to have more.


Buffalo Chicken Tacos

I personally am not a big “buffalo” flavored anything fan, but hubby thought this was delicious. It will hit a home run with bleu cheese fans – it comes with crumbles and a dressing to dip on top of the crispy chicken and fresh lettuce and tomatoes.



Chicken Ciabatta Cordon Bleu

I’m not a big cordon bleu fan, but this is a spin on the classic sandwich.




The Mac Burger

Those (pretzel) buns. So dang good. The burger was ½ lb. angus beef patty topped with bacon and mac and cheese. The bun was thinner than what you’d usually get with a burger, perfect for those who don’t want to eat all of those extra carbs (drink it instead). Be sure to ask for the burger medium since these beef patties are leaner and higher quality than what you’d usually get. You already know, but anything with mac and cheese on it tastes that much better!




Santa Fe Salad

The salad was incredibly fresh and served with made from scratch chipotle ranch dressing.



Chef Club Wrap

All salads have the option of being made into a huge wrap with a side of fruit. This was the best wrap we’ve ever had. The little pieces of crispy bacon brought it all together in addition to the egg. I ended up taking this to go for lunch the next day.



Funnel Cake Fries

OMG. These funnel cake fries redeemed the fact that I missed the State Fair of Texas this year. To know that I can get these any time made me feel like I gained 5 lbs. for a worthy cause. They were the best way to cap this meal. The fries were perfectly crisp (not soggy in some parts like the traditional funnel cake) and were dusted with powdered sugar and chocolate. If not for anything else, you need to have some of these in your life.




That’s a wrap! I look forward to swinging by again soon to enjoy a drink or two and trying some more of their menu items.

(Disclaimer: My menu sampling was complimentary, but all thoughts are my own.)