I was pleasantly surprised by the new addition to Plano called Whiskey Cake.  Since I’m known amongst my friends as a locavore (a person who are interested in eating food that is locally produced),  I was recommended this place because it is known for its farm-to-kitchen cooking and boosts local grass & grain fed cattle.

As a “Southerner,” I love fried green tomatoes, so when I saw them on the menu they were a must-have.  The order comes with five and is a delicious appetizer. The breading was crispy, well seasoned and not too thick to overwhelm the tomato. They were cooked through & packed a tart flavor.

I could have written more about the rest of food we enjoyed there, but I didn’t want to write one long blog post. 😉 So the next time you are in Plano, make a stop over to Whiskey Cake, where you can grab an iced cold beverage along with some fried green goodness.
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