Hello Dallas Food Nerd readers!  My name is Kim and I am a self-proclaimed Dallas Food Nerd!  Today I want to share with you all about the Urban Acres food co-op that I belong to.  I’ve gotten quite a few questions about the Urban Acres food co-op from my blog, Healthy Living in the City, so I thought I would share the process over here with all of you Dallasites.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Urban Acres, it’s a food co-op located in Oak Cliff.  Every Saturday the wonderful people of Urban Acres set out to various pick-up locations across the greater Dallas area, hitting the same spots every other week.  So the day before the scheduled pick-up I get an email outlining everything that will be in my bin for the week.  A lot of people ask me if I get to choose what I get.  The answer to that is, no.  But I’m a fruit and veggie head so for the most part, I love everything I get.  For those foreign-to-me ingredients, it forces me to play around and try them out, and for the few produce items that I don’t like, well, it also forces me to try them in new and different ways, hopefully sparking a taste for them after all.  So this week’s selection includes:
Toscano Kale
Collard Greens
Red Kale
Butter Lettuce

Right when I get this list, I begin planning my menu for the next two weeks.  I flip though cookbooks and magazines to find recipes that feature the ingredients that will be in my bin.

Saturday comes and I pick up the delicious organic produce.

Once I get it home, I clean out my produce bins.  A lot of dirt collects in the produce bins since all of this wonderful produce is fresh from the farm; dirt and all.  I just recently bought some microfiber clothes which do wonders cleaning out the produce bins.

Then I organize the fruit and veggies into leafy greens and more more hearty produce.  Everything that needs to go in the refrigerator gets placed in its designated bin and the non-refirgerated items make their way to my produce basket on the counter.

And there you have it, two weeks worth of delicious organic produce brought to me by a local business!  If you have heard of Urban Acres before and are on the fence about joining, I highly recommend it!  If this post has inspired you to join, great, you will thoroughly enjoy it!