Dee Lincoln's Dallas

Dee Lincoln invited me to taste her dinner menu. Dee Lincoln’s Dining Room & Bubble Bar emphasized to me that it is more than just a bubble bar, but they have a dining room where you and your friends can enjoy dinner.

Dee Lincoln mentioned her cajun background, which may explain why the Crispy Oysters were the star of my dining experience along with the Bananas Foster Crumble. I’m impressed with the breading and comfort feeling after taking a bite of the oysters, and the sweetness of the bananas foster transported me to a New Orleans cafe. These items left me wanting more. I think the real lesson here is that if you eat here, the Cajun items are the way to go.

Crispy OystersÂ
Bananas Foster Crumble

Also, the Sushi Pizza intrigued me. The creamy sauce spiked with Sriracha and lots and lots of wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe flavored with Japanese horseradish) onto ahi tuna and tempura rice crust to pull it together. It’s a great starter or snack to enjoy while you dine here.

Sushi Pizza

Dee Lincoln’s Dining Room & Bubble Bar
2101 Cedar Springs, Dallas, TX (map); 214.979.9463

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